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Tamarind Crabs

Tamarind Crabs If you’ve ever had the chance to have a seafood meal on any of the beautiful beaches in Asia, you’ll likely have encountered some version of these Tamarind Crabs. This easy crab recipe embodies everything I love about Southeast Asian cuisine- it’s pungent,
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One of the most common Southeast Asian ingredients is tangy Tamarind. It comes in its original form with seeds or in a thick paste.


Tamarind Southeast Asian cuisine uses different types of tamarind in many dishes, primarily in soups. Back in the day and even still now in remote villages in Asia, fresh tamarind is still used to create the most deliciously piquant dishes, soups and stews. High in
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Tamarind Tilapia Bites- Easy Fish Appetizer

Tamarind Tilapia Bites- Easy Fish Appetizers This easy fish appetizer is meant to be served as little bites (though you could alter the proportions for a main dish), particularly a lovely presentation for a festive occasion. Every sense of your palate will be awakened with splashes of salty,
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