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Easy Piña Colada- Low Calorie Summer Cocktails

Easy Piña Colada- Low Calorie Summer Cocktails This easy Piña Colada recipe comes from my friends at TasteNirvana, producers of one of the best coconut water lines in America. Contrary to popular belief, when done correctly, Piña Colada is not an unhealthy beverage. In fact,
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Easy Summer Cocktails- Coco Loco

Coco Loco!- Easy Summer Cocktails Beat the summer heat with refreshing, easy summer cocktails like rum infused Coco Loco from my friends at Taste Nirvana, who produce one of the best coconut waters on the market. Love the taste of rum and a twist of
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Creamy Orange Blast- inspired by one of my favorite childhood drinks found in malls, this is a healthy version and tastes like a creamsicle.

Creamy Orange Blast

Creamy Orange Blast Inspired By Orange Julius Some of my childhood years were spent in beautiful California where afternoons at local malls were a quintessential part of weekends. One of my favorite parts of going to the mall was getting a drink made by a company called
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