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Chicken & Vegetable Skewers- Easy Asian Appetizers

Easy Asian Appetizers- Chicken & Vegetable Skewers Maybe I’m biased but I think a party isn’t a party without Asian appetizers in the mix and skewering meats and veggies are one of the easiest ways to have fun flavors while still eating healthy. The spicy
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Spicy Garlic Shrimp

Spicy Garlic Shrimp Typically I’ve served these spicy garlic shrimp as appetizers at dinner gatherings or finger food at larger parties. Always a crowd pleaser with the pungent garlic and lovely contrast of fresh cilantro and lime. The prawns can be served as they are
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Spicy Salsa with Lemongrass

Spicy Salsa with Lemongrass Here’s a twist on a classic favorite. Incredible bursts of flavor with super fresh ingredients and unique touch of fish sauce instead of salt adds a whole new dimension to this spicy salsa. Aromatic lemongrass lends a lovely fragrance and light
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