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Chicken Rice Porridge aka Congee or Juk

Chicken Rice Porridge aka Congee or Juk This hearty rice porridge, also known as Congee in Singapore and northern Asia or Juk in Korea, is a fusion of Chinese and Indonesian flavors and techniques, one that is often eaten when feeling a cold coming on as well
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Shanghai Mixed Rice

Shanghai Mixed Rice There are many variations of this classic and popular Shanghainese rice dish but this one was my grandfather’s favorite. It’s easy and quick to make, with just a few ingredients but the results will leave everybody wanting more. Typical Shanghainese rice dishes
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Roasted Red Cabbage

Roasted Red Cabbage Many of us forget that cabbage exists; it’s not the tastiest of vegetables and for a long time, it was ignored for more trendy leafy greens. Red cabbage deserves more than a passing glance though- this powerhouse vegetable has an enormous amount
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