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The Oxford Gastropub serves the best comfort food in Silicon Valley, melding the best of Britain and India in a charming, local watering hole.

The Oxford Gastropub

The Oxford Gastropub Sunnyvale is a small town that is home to many corporate titans of Silicon Valley yet most people in the world have never heard of it. On a smooth, traffic-free day it takes about 45 minutes from San Francisco proper. One would
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Mina Test Kitchen Review- The Company's spectacular Dal with Papadum.

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company’s Indian Feast

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company Bar & Kitchen There are Indian entrepreneur-chefs and restaurateurs hell bent on changing the perception of Indian cuisine and the experience of dining in an Indian-centric establishment. I for one, am thrilled. Am I going to say “I told you
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Dosa Factory Restaurant- Best Indian Restaurant in Boston

Dosa Factory Restaurant- Best Indian Restaurant in Boston Anyone who has known me for over an hour would easily know that I have had a lifelong obsession and passion for India- the country, the food, the culture, the history. In my extensive travels in India
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Rahul Khanna

RAHUL KHANNA DOB: June 20, 1972 Birthplace: Mumbai, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Actor Residence: India & USA Dina’s Thoughts Long an advocate of animal rights, Rahul Khanna has been an active voice for PETA India in the efforts to protect elephants. He is one of the few
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Travelers’ Thali

The Best Indian Restaurant in Seattle- Travelers’ Thali It’s a well known fact among my family, friends and colleagues that I’ve had a long standing passion for India that borders on the obsessive and compulsive. My times spent across India through the years have become
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