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Asian Pear & Almond Milkshake- Healthy Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies- Asian Pear & Almond Milkshake I’m officially obsessed with healthy smoothies and milkshakes. And why not? Just like real fruit and veggie smoothies, milkshakes made out of the right ingredients can be so good and good for you. This easy milkshake recipe calls
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Autumn Apple Smoothie- Healthy Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies- Autumn Apple Smoothie What speaks more lusciously about autumn than sweet apples and spices? This healthy smoothies recipe results in a naturally sweet drink, making it perfect for breakfast time or an afternoon dessert. Talk about getting your day’s nutrients in one glass!┬áIf
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Watermelon Lychee Smoothie

Watermelon Lychee Smoothie This is one of my favorite smoothies ever, the watermelon making this very light and refreshing while ripe, naturally sweet lychees lend a distinctive tropical flavor. Coconut water has been my liquid of choice lately though you can substitute any type of
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