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Vikas Khanna and Dina Yuen

Vikas Khanna: 2017 and Beyond

Vikas Khanna: 2017 and Beyond It had been three years since I first interviewed Chef Vikas; three years since I had first been surprised by how kind, sweet and down to earth this growing worldwide phenomenon still was. In my first interview with him, I
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Michael Czarcinski- my interview with the Managing Director of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, learning about how he worked his way up from dishwasher at a restaurant to leading one of the largest hotels in America.

Michael Czarcinski

MICHAEL CZARCINSKI DOB: n/a Birthplace: United States Occupation: Managing Director Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts As someone who has been on both sides of hospitality (having worked on hotel acquisitions and having been a lifelong patron of hotels worldwide), I am always deeply impressed when I come across
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Actress turned Skincare Entrepreneur Jennifer Yen talks about what it takes to start a business from scratch and how close she came to giving up.

Jennifer Yen

JENNIFER YEN DOB: October 8, 1978 Birthplace: Taiwan Ethnicity: Chinese Occupation: Actress, Entrepreneur Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts Fans of the ever popular Power Rangers will recognize the gorgeous Jennifer Yen as Vypra in the series’ 8th season, titled Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. While
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Arjun Dev Arora

ARJUN DEV ARORA DOB: 1984 Birthplace: United States Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Entrepreneur Residence: California Dina’s Thoughts I first met Arjun several years ago to discuss whether there was room in the Silicon Valley ecosystem for a multimedia startup. At the time, he was deep in
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Ela Bhatt

ELA BLATT DOB: September 3, 1933 Birthplace: India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Business Woman & Philanthropist Residence: India Dina’s Thoughts Before I and many others of my generation were even born, there was a diminutive woman in newly independent India already single handedly paving the way
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Mike Kim

MIKE KIM DOB: December 11, 1976 Birthplace: Chicago, IL Ethnicity: Korean Occupation: Author & Consultant Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts Amidst a modern Asian culture that all too often prioritizes finances as the only measure of success, author, consultant, human rights activist and expert
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Indra Nooyi

INDRA NOOYI DOB: October 28, 1955 Birthplace: Chennia, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: CEO of PepsiCo Residence: United States Dina’s Thoughts Ms. Nooyi is one of the few Asian female CEOs in America, breaking numerous ceilings in women minority’s battle to climb corporate ladders. Her dedication,
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Lakshmi Mittal

LAKSHMI MITTAL DOB: Jun 15, 1950 Birthplace: Rajasthan, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: CEO Arcelor Mittal Steel Residence: United Kingdom Dina’s Thoughts Mr. Mittal has created the world’s largest steel company which produces the steel used for one in every five cars in existence. He has
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