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Fu Jia Lou

Fu Jia Lou- Best Restaurants in Beijing Fu Jia Lou is somewhat of an institution in Beijing and depending on which local you ask, opinions will be varied but definitely strong. Its specialty is old style Pekinese cuisine, the likes of which used to be
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Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant at The Commune by the Great Wall- Best Restaurants in Beijing To date, dining at the Courtyard Restaurant inside The Commune by the Great Wall hotel is one of the most unforgettable culinary experiences of my life. You may have come across other
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Kong Yiji- Best Restaurants Beijing

Kong Yiji- Best Restaurants Beijing Named after the protagonist in a Lu Xun (considered China’s father of modern literature) story, Kong Yiji boasts an elegant, old world charm with its wooden bookshelves and hanging calligraphy scrolls. A tall bamboo grove and pebble stone walkway immediately
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