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Asian Pear & Almond Milkshake- Healthy Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies- Asian Pear & Almond Milkshake I’m officially obsessed with healthy smoothies and milkshakes. And why not? Just like real fruit and veggie smoothies, milkshakes made out of the right ingredients can be so good and good for you. This easy milkshake recipe calls
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Grandpa’s Almond French Toast

Grandpa’s Almond French Toast French Toast was one of my grandfather’s favorite breakfast dishes so this recipe always brings back fond memories for me. Grandpa’s Almond French Toast is also one of the very first recipes I ever learned as a child. There’s something so
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Sweet Garlic Almonds- The Perfect Afternoon Snack

Sweet Garlic Almonds- The Perfect Afternoon Snack I created this recipe one day when I discovered that I had accidentally bought a bag of raw almonds instead of already seasoned ones. Wanting my father to get his healthy dose of nuts, I knew I needed
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How To Roast Almonds

How to Roast Almonds

How To Roast Almonds Almonds are a huge source of nutrients and are incredibly versatile. They can be used in smoothies, as a snack on their own or crushed into smooth particles that are great for crusting fish or poultry. Sometimes, all you can find
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Blackberry Almond Smoothie

Blackberry Almond Smoothie The blackberries I’ve encountered in the West have mostly been sour, regardless of whether they were picked at their prime or not. Because of their extreme tartness, I like to throw them in a smoothie with a banana and a touch of
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