Winter Skincare- Suki Purifying Cleanser and Clarifying Toner

Suki Foaming Cleanser & Clarifying Toner Duo

As many of you know, I’m pretty OCD when it comes to skincare; my motto is ‘prevention and protection wins over plastic surgery.’ The basis of good skincare begins with cleansing and toning, two steps which aren’t always the easiest to do when traveling. The fact is there are a few great products out there for cleansing and toning, some of which I’ve featured here on AF Girl and many of which you’ve likely read.

However, surprisingly, there are not many Cleanser and Toner duos that are high quality, effective and come in convenient travel sizes the way Suki Skincare does.

I’m still surprised every time I come across a skincare brand I haven’t heard of since I do so many product reviews and have been exposed to skincare (thanks to my Mother) since early teen years but I just learned about Suki earlier this year.

Right off the bat, let’s mention the must-haves in a great skincare brand. Suki Skincare contains and involves none of the following:

  • allergens
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • petrochemicals
  • synthetic fragrances/dyes
  • sulfates
  • cruelty

They also source fair trade, organic and local ingredients when possible, with completely cruelty-free ingredients that are vegan with exception of one- 100% organic beeswax derived from farms that do not harm the bees or burn hives.

With those fundamentals in place, we can now talk about this Purifying Cleanser and Clarifying Toner duo that is perfect for traveling. Those of you familiar with my skincare features know I have combination/oily skin which is great for looking young but requires extra attention to minimize oiliness without over-drying. Suki’s Purifying Foaming Cleanser is a thin gel-like texture that is very light yellow in color and smells of lemon curd.

Upon gently applying to the face after wetting, the Cleanser foams lightly while emanating a lovely citrus scent. The first time I used it, I wasn’t sure if it had cleaned my face properly as my skin didn’t feel tight as it often does with other Cleansers. However, using the Concentrated Toner afterwards with a cotton pad, there were no traces of make-up residue at all. Bear in mind, I’m one of those people that skips using make-up remover for several reasons- 1- I don’t wear foundation or heavy make-up on a daily basis, 2- I feel that a good cleanser should do the job of washing away the light make-up I wear and any other oily residue and 3- I don’t like having to tug on my skin with cotton pads just to remove make-up as I believe that over years of doing so, this will cause skin to sag.

After one week’s use of Suki’s Cleanser, I found her product’s promises delivered. The Cleanser did draw out dirt and make-up without drying my skin out. The pore cleansing Apple Stem Cells certainly did their job along with the antioxidant Acai Oil and Jojoba Oil that together pulled double duty as bacteria killer and skin hydrator- the potency required to balance troublesome Combination/Oily or breakout prone skin.

On top of a great first step to my travel skincare regimen, I followed up with Suki’s Concentrated Clarifying Toner which contains a high potency Rose Concentrate, the ingredient that balances the skin’s pH levels. For skin prone to swelling, redness, spots, clogged pores, oily T-zone and any similar issues, (many of which flare up during constant traveling), Suki’s Clarifying Toner does an excellent job of calming and soothing all of the above.

With White Willow (SSS salicylic acid™) which purifies and soothes and Ascorbyl Palmitate (SSS vitamin C™) which provides antioxidant support, this equally citrusy scented Toner prepares the skin for proper absorption of any serums or moisturizers to come. I found this Toner incredibly soothing in the madness of running from one airport to another, varying climates that can easily wreak havoc on my otherwise great skin, stale airplane air and often lack of sleep. Somehow, Suki’s Toner just takes all that and in a few swipes of a cotton pad, throws all the grime and stressors away, replacing it with balanced, hydrated and clean skin ready to accept the next steps of treatment.

The travel sizes of both of these are housed in little 15 ml/.5 oz glass jars with a pump for the Cleanser and a spray nozzle for the Toner and retail at US $10.95 each. Both products lasted me a full 2.5 weeks with twice daily use, a great value for the high level of quality, efficacy and convenience.

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