Skincare from Stem Cells- Stemology's Cell Revive Brightening Serum is my first foray into this lesser known but fantastic skincare brand.

Stemology Cell Revive Brightening Serum

It was only a few months ago I first heard of a skincare brand called Stemology. Even with my years of research as both consumer and product reviewer, I inadvertently come across new brands and brands new to me. One thing is for sure: often the brands we’ve never heard of are the ones with the best, most powerful skincare products we can’t live without once we’ve gotten our hands on them. Of the best brightening serums on the market, this lesser known skincare brand is winning the game.

If you’re not familiar with Stemology, I strongly urge you to check out their story here. It’s a very quick read and a fascinating peek into deep skin science. The gist of Stemology’s history is that their Founder, Dr. Hal Simeroth, worked with a friend who used stem cells to deal with post operation blindness. They were astonished that his sight returned completely after just 8 weeks of administering this stem cell therapy, especially considering his 38 year diabetic history. Long story short, Dr. Simeroth worked with an eminent team to apply the same science for skincare.

My first foray into the world of Stemology was with their Cell Revive Brightening Serum. Those of you familiar with me know I am all about preventing, maintaining and eradicating sun spots so anytime there is promise of a potent brightening serum, I am all over it.

Who This Brightening Serum Is For
If you have dark spots caused by sun damage, post acne scarring or hormonal changes, this is great for you. If you have few to no spots but are worried and want to be proactive in prevention, this is also perfect for you.

Stemology’s Technology for this Brightening Serum
Without harsh chemicals, Stemology’s proprietary StemCore-3 technology promises to lighten and brighten skin will aiding in reduction of hyperpigmentation. A four-fold process of natural AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) in addition to natural fruit enzymes and amino acids provides exfoliation to boost cell renewal and naturally aids to thicken the skin, all of which minimize the appearance of pores and improves overall circulation.

My Experience
The first night I used this brightening serum I was surprised by the lack of discernible scent. Then again, I had begun to notice in recent years that those “unknown” best skincare brands tend to have faint to no scents in their products as they don’t use harsh chemicals or filler additives. The serum is a beige color and has a thin, creamy texture.

As with any brightening serum, you have to know not to expect miracles overnight; there’s no such thing with a brightening process. After all, those spots didn’t happen overnight so neither will their lightening or disappearance. It was after about one month of twice daily use that I was observing my skin in the morning light one day and noticed a significant improvement in my overall skin tone and a definitive lightening of certain sun spots that had bothered me for ages.

After two months of use, I noticed the major difference in close up high res pictures of myself. Without changing anything else in my make-up routine (I never use foundation, bb creams or any coverage other than translucent loose powder), I saw how those pesky old sun spots were barely noticeable in those high res images.

Sometimes it’s difficult to witness your own skin changing since we look at ourselves every day, often multiple times a day, even if only at quick glances. If you want to track serious progress, take a picture of yourself in clear daylight, in the same exact spot in your house, same time of day, with no make-up on, about once a week. Do that for at least 1 month but better over several months using a fantastic skincare product like Stemology’s Cell Revive Brightening Serum to truly see the big difference.

If you’ve ever had braces on, it’s a similar situation. If you stare at yourself too long every day, you won’t notice the change. Take those pictures and within 1 to 2 months you’ll see serious change and you’ll be thrilled you invested in the health of your skin.

Suffice it to say, I am a convert to the world of Stemology, wishing I had discovered it earlier. I will be sharing other features on their product line soon. Stay tuned for more on this world class skincare brand.

Stemology’s Cell Revive Brightening Serum is available at $99 for 1 oz. and lasts for 3 1/2 to 4 months with twice daily use.

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