Beauty Reviews- Shiseido White Lucent MultiBright Night Cream

Shiseido White Lucent MultiBright Night Cream

I remember my Mother introducing me to Shiseido when I was a teenager and as most teenagers are, I was annoyed at her incessant nagging over keeping a good skincare regimen. Of course, years later now, I’m eternally grateful for that “nagging,” having mostly her to thank for instilling the knowledge in me of how important taking care of my skin is, both from a health and aesthetic standpoint. I also have my father to thank for passing down oily and firm skin that doesn’t wrinkle or sag easily.

Despite pretty good genes, I still make effort to use the best of the best in modern skincare technology. As someone who has been prone to sun spots (partially because I didn’t avoid the sun in my 20’s and partially due to genetics), I’m extremely picky about which products I use that claim to “brighten” skin.

Let’s clarify one thing first- I have never been and never will be interested in making my skin “white” or “lighter” than what I was born with. What I am interested in doing, is removing brown sun spots that I was not born with but arose due to insufficient use of sunscreen and hats. Chalk it up to youthful carelessness and ignorance about the damaging effects of the sun.

Combine the desire to remove those sunspots with oily skin and a deep aversion to cosmetic surgery of any type, I’m constantly on the lookout for truly powerful products like Shiseido’s White Lucent Multi Bright Night Cream.

Despite having oily skin, once I hit my 30’s, my skin needed deeper hydration. A huge fallacy for┬ápeople with oily skin is that you should moisturize less, which in effect, simply starves your skin of much needed nutrients and in turn, you end up producing more oil to compensate. So believe me- oily skin and in your 30’s or above? Moisturize like your life depends on it. Just choose the right product.

The first night I used Shiseido’s White Lucent Multi Bright Night Cream, I was already in love with its texture- a thick, pudding-like consistency. Light pink with a barely there floral scent, this night cream coated my skin in satin smoothness upon first touch. I could almost hear my skin breathing a sigh of relief.

Shiseido promises a reduction of the appearance of dark spots and acne scars through nightly use, as well as helps prevent new dark spots from appearing over long term use. Their technology is called SakuraResist which uses Sakura from Japanese cherry blossoms, aimed at targeting those pesky dark spots.

As with any skincare product review, without years of testing the same product, it’s difficult to prove whether the long term promises hold true or not. What I can attest to, is that with one week’s use, my skin felt and looked smoother and softer both day and night. After one month’s use, in combination with my nightly Retinol serum, the Shiseido White Lucent Multi Bright Night Cream provided strong support for keeping my skin deeply hydrated, supple (keeping the finest of lines at bay) and a visible lightening of existing sun spots and the one acne spot I have.

There are a handful of great night creams on the market but after a two month use of this White Lucent Night Cream, I’m hooked for good. It’s going to be very difficult for other brands to top the potency and price of this one. Whether you have oily skin like mine, dry or normal skin, this is one night cream that’s going to go a very long way to keeping your skin healthy and youthful, preventing the need for pricey “solutions” down the road.

At US $90 for a jar that lasts roughly 3-4 months depending on how much you prefer to use, find it at, Sephora and most major department stores worldwide.

Shiseido White Lucent MultiBright Night Cream