Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick - Shiseido donates $5 for every tube of $28 lipstick sold in October.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipsticks

With the now many skincare and make-up product reviews I’ve been privileged to work on over the last few years, it surprises even me that this is my first one naming a lipstick to AsianFusion’s list of Best Products in the World. Lipsticks are in a way, such an ordinary part of many women’s lives. On a daily basis, I see women everywhere do a quick swish of color on their lips at the lunch table or in the ladies’ room, with hardly a thought.

Why, then, have I not ever included a lipstick on our exclusive list of Best in World? Simply, I have never found one I’ve been in love with until now.

I remember being a little girl of perhaps six or seven years of age when I watched my Mother standing in front of a mirror, going through the process of “putting on her face.” I was transfixed, finding the colors fascinating. Lipstick and eyeliner were magical to me.

In my teenage years, my Mother allowed me to play around with lip color on weekends only when going out with my parents. From there forward, there were years when I was obsessed with the latest color trends and other years, I wore zero lipstick and preferred a gentle swipe of clear lip gloss. In recent years, I’ve fallen back in love with the idea of playing around with colors on lips but don’t often wear lipstick mostly because I hate the side effects most of them have.

From weird tastes to easily smudging to disappearing color to the worst offense of all- totally drying out my poor lips which are normally in good, moisturized condition, lipsticks are usually not worth the hassle to me. Don’t get me wrong- there are a few good ones out there but in my experience, the truly good ones cost upwards of $75 and I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a tube of color.

When I recently came upon Shiseido’s Rouge Rouge lipsticks set, I was skeptical but as an avid skincare and make-up enthusiast, kept an open mind to trying it. It was love at first try.

  • There was no strange taste.
  • The lipstick glided on smoothly, depositing a lovely, even pigment all over my lips.
  • The shape allowed for easily staying within my own natural lip curve instead of how other lipsticks went over (looking like a botox job) my lip line.
  • One night after trying out one of the vibrant colors, I forgot to remove it before going to bed. The next morning I saw the color was still intact and strong despite the fact that I move quite a bit in the night.
  • Most importantly, my lips are deeply moisturized as if I had used a separate lip hydrator. No chapping, no flaking, no bleeding!

Shiseido uses:

  • Fit and Bond Powder adheres to lips for perfect color and finish that does not fade.
  • S Hyaluronic Acid Complex and S Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE EX deliver rich moisture for smooth shapely-looking lips.

During the month of October, in partnership with philanthropic organization Cancer and Careers, Shiseido is donating US $5 for every Rouge Rouge lipstick sold in stores and online. This marks a 10 year anniversary in Shiseido’s support of Cancer awareness and supporting those living with Cancer.

Available at US $28 per lipstick (which typically lasts me a whole year with light daily use), this is a huge win win situation for everyone. I finally found a truly moisturizing, long-lasting lipstick I am head over heels in love with while getting to contribute to Cancer, a sickness that hits home as both my grandmothers died from it.

Here’s to celebrating those who have battled and survived cancer, and are the true embodiment of beauty. Thank you Shiseido for donating a whopping 18% of lipstick proceeds in the month of October!

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Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick - Shiseido donates $5 for every tube of $28 lipstick sold in October.