Scott E Vest Trench Coat- external coat features.

ScottEVest Women’s Trench Coat- The Best Coat Ever

Once on the ever popular television show Shark Tank, the founder of ScottEVest, a real man named Scott, gave up his career as an attorney to pursue his passion for creating fashion that allows us to be free from carrying things and plugs and more things. Typically, when you begin with a founder who wasn’t entrenched in fashion, the actual fashion doesn’t turn out too appealing (at least that has been my experience). ScottEVest is an anomaly here with outerwear that is as gorgeous as it is uber functional.

My #1 favorite in the ScottEVest product lineup is this Women’s Trench Coat- sexy meets sophisticated functionality. When I don’t have to carry a handbag or anything other than myself, that is a huge win. Less things to keep track of = less daily stress.

Introduced back in 2011, this Women’s Trench Coat has a whopping 18 pockets and remains sleek even when filled with the many items it is designed to carry. Here’s a rundown on its extensive features:

  1. Exterior features 2 large and deep handwarmer pockets with magnetic closures. Right pocket has attached keychain and water bottle holder. Left side has small sealed pocket to house lipstick or other similarly small item for easy finding.
  2. Exterior 2 large chest pockets with vertical zippers in concealed seams.
  3. All exterior pockets are part of their patented PAN (Personal Area Network) which features built-in wire management and tangle-free access to earpiece so you can put cell phone or i-products in the pockets and wire headphones through the lining to the earbud pockets that keep them hidden near the collar.
  4. Interior 2 chest pockets with hook and loop top closures and partial zippers for easy access.
  5. Eyeglass/Sunglass pocket with attached chamois to keep lenses smudge-free.
  6. Two mid-sized pockets with horizontal zippers for travel documents, digital cameras, wallets and other similarly sized items.
  7. Left- large pocket with horizontal zipper perfect for tablet or other large item.
  8. Designated ID pocket for easy access.
  9. Multiple belt options- through belt loops and buckled, removed and tied around waist, secured in back, etc.
  10. DWR Nano poly fabric is water and stain resistant.
  11. Coat is machine washable.

Are you in love yet? You should be. This truly is the greatest fashion invention since tennis shoes. ScottEVest trench coats truly are that amazing; there are not many products I say that about. On very cold, windy San Francisco days, this coat keeps me toasty warm without wool (have you seen the documentaries about sheep shearing? That’s another story all together) and without being the slightest bit bulky. Who doesn’t want to be protected from rain and cold while still looking sleek, sexy and CIA agent sharp?

When I first wore the coat, it was a bit overwhelming trying to get used to 18 pockets but the keywords here are “used to.” Give it a maximum of one week and you won’t know how you lived without this coat.

This is coming from a woman who could never leave the house without a handbag, usually a somewhat large one at that. I can’t overstate the freedom I feel walking out of the house, going to the office or lunch, shopping, hanging out with friends, running errands, whatever activity it is- with nothing but my regular clothes and this trench coat on. No purse, no handbag other than my laptop case. No more rummaging for my phone, my keys, my earpiece, water bottle.

During traveling, this coat comes in especially handy and multi-functional- housing my passport, boarding pass, ID, phone, wallet, sunglasses and more, leaving me with just a carry-on.

I’ve lost count of how many compliments I’ve received while wearing this coat, not to mention how it makes me feel like a cooler, modern version of Inspector Gadget. This trench coat is so cool (a phrase I use sparingly) I almost believe I’m Inspector Gadget and can speak into my coat lapel, calling Go Go Gadget Copter or Go Go Gadget legs.

Maybe ScottEVest is working on that next. For now, I don’t leave home without my red trench coat. At US $150, you can’t afford not to have this as part of your most functional and gorgeous pieces. This coat comes in a variety of colors.

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