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Q: Is there a difference between regular soy sauce and dark soy sauce?

A: Yes. Regular soy sauce is thinner in consistency with a lighter taste. Dark soy sauce is slightly thicker and saltier, typically used in stews. They are often interchangeable but not always. When making dipping sauces for example, it's best not to substitute as the consistency and color of dark soy sauce may significantly change the success of a particular recipe.

Q: How long can you keep rice in a rice cooker before it goes bad?

A: This really depends on a number of factors, such as the environment's temperature, type of rice cooker and type of rice. Ideally, you never want to keep cooked rice in a rice cooker that's plugged in for longer than a couple of days. However, in colder climates and using superior quality rice cookers such as Zojirushi or Mitsubishi, rice can keep warm for up to four days very well. Conversely, when surrounding temperatures are very humid and hot and when using sub-par rice cookers, rice can go bad overnight.

Q: What's your recommendation for a good conditioner for Asian hair?

A: Like any hair, it really depends on the texture and condition of your hair. Whether you have course or fine hair, oily or dry- these will determine the best products. However, our favorite hair care products are from the Shiseido line, which feature a range of shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. You can find Shiseido hair products online or at many Asian markets with a beauty section.

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