PurErb Serenity Calming Moisturizer- combining aromatherapy and herbology into comprehensive skincare.

PurErb Serenity Calming Moisturizer – Aromatherapy Skincare

In my teenage years, there were moments I seriously contemplated becoming a surgeon of some kind. I’ve always been fascinated by physiology and the intersection of Western and Eastern medicine. I didn’t think I could go through losing patients so my medical career ended before it began but my love and passion for well being through Eastern medicine deepened, guiding me to a class in acupuncture and herbs.

When this fairly new brand called PurErb was brought to my attention, I was immediately intrigued. Sure, there are plenty of skincare brands out there that tout the incorporation of natural ingredients but nowadays, we never really know what “natural” means. PurErb struck me as unique in its ethos, the entire brand being focused on aromatherapy and herbology- two aspects of skincare I can wholeheartedly support.

My first foray into PurErb territory was with their Serenity Calming Moisturizer, a facial lotion that as its name suggests, helps calm stressed skin and mind. What do I mean by the latter? When applying a moisturizer simultaneously allows you to inhale appropriately blended herbs and botanical extracts, we’re now combining skincare with aromatherapy, whereby the scents affect physical responses, including dissipating tension headaches, clearing sinus issues and lowering blood pressure.

You don’t have to take my word for it; just google “physical benefits of aromatherapy” and you’ll find countless studies on the subject supporting these conclusions.

The Serenity Calming Moisturizer is snow white with a medium-light creamy texture, spreading easily over the face. Its distinctive Bulgarian Rose scent is a boon for those who love floral scents, powerful without overwhelming. In addition to the Rose, other extracts include Baobab, Kakadu Plum and Edelweiss.

As someone with oily/combination skin, this moisturizer was neither too heavy nor too light; my skin was well hydrated without any oily residue. One month of daily use helped to combat fine lines and encouraged an overall even skin tone. If you have uneven patches of dry and oily skin or discoloration, this is the perfect moisturizer for you. If you have normal skin, this is the perfect moisturizer for you, helping maintain a balanced canvas.

At US $58 for a 1.75 oz container that lasts about 4 months with daily use, this is one of the best values for a great facial moisturizer available on the market. If you’re someone who often suffers from headaches, daily stress or stressed out skin, an aromatherapy moisturizer is a no-brainer. If Bulgarian Rose is not your cup of tea, PurErb has two other aromatherapy-focused moisturizers- the lemon-apple scented Vitality Energizing Moisturizer and the more herby Ginseng Purity Renewing Moisturizer– each of them tackling different skin conditions with a variety of attributes.

I strongly encourage all of you to check out PurErb and check out my second feature on their Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner.

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