Aromatherapy Skincare- PurErb Bulgarian Rose Toner

PurErb Soothing Bulgarian Rose Toner- Aromatherapy Skincare

Wherever you live in the world, you’re dealing with a particular set of seasons and weather patterns that definitively effect your skin’s health. For me,  I straddle the tropics of Southeast Asia with the more temperate weather of northern California, and of course, the very particular “weather” of airplanes. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or more stationary, depending on your skin type, you’ll have a host of issues to grapple with.

For years now, I’ve been touting to my readers and personal friends the importance of using a great toner. How did I come upon this morsel of knowledge? Through trial and error. In my mid-20’s, I was traveling all the time and in the midst of living what I like to refer to as the “crazy years” where I lived out of a suitcase, I never knew where exactly I would decide to be the next few months. While those self discovery years were crucial to who I am today mentally and emotionally, those were years where skincare took a backseat to traveling and working. I did the barebones of cleansing and moisturizing. Toner? Forget about it. And my skin showed my lack of discipline, resulting in annoying little bumps, sometimes even those red, painful pimples you can’t pop.

Granted, traveling and working should always take priority but good skincare doesn’t have to be sacrificed when you have high quality, powerful and affordable options.

PurErb is an aromatherapy skincare brand that was recently brought to my attention (check out my first feature on the PurErb Serenity Moisturizer) and I am head over heels in love with their Soothing Bulgarian Rose Toner. The right Toner will wipe away any lingering environmental dirt or make-up stuck on your skin and prepares the skin to take in the next steps of serums and/or moisturizers, basically creating a clean canvas out of your skin but depositing nutrients along the way.

This PurErb Bulgarian Rose Toner contains Bulgarian Rose oil, Edelweiss stem cells, plant derived Tripeptide-29, Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense, all of which work together to soothe inflamed or sensitive skin, deeply hydrate parched and stressed skin all while stimulating the senses with calming Sandalwood and sensual Rose.

Contained in a spray bottle, this Toner is fabulous for both day and night. In the morning, I use the spray directly on my face after cleansing and patting dry, skipping the need for cotton pads since there’s no environmental dirt or make-up in the morning. At night, I use this after cleansing and patting dry, but with a cotton pad to remove any last traces of dirt. The scent has a powerful lifting and calming effect, so much so that I often walk by the bathroom to spray my face in the middle of the day (on days I work from home).

With combination/oily skin, I always have to balance my skin’s need for hydration and pore-clearing. Between changing weather and traveling, this soothing Rose-based toner is a life saver. The spray bottle makes it super easy to use on a plane too, no worry over spillage or cotton pads. At US $32, this large bottle will last a good 4 months with twice daily use. If you haven’t experienced aromatherapy skincare, get familiar with PurErb and discover what a difference this can make in your skin’s health.

PurErb Bulgarian Rose Toner