Phytokeratine Hair Mask- best hair masks for dry hair.

Phyto Hair Masks

There is a little known saying in the beauty world, “often the best brands are the ones you’ve never heard of.” Phyto is one such brand that is not ubiquitous in department stores and does not spend copious amounts on advertising campaigns.

If you’ve never heard of Phyto, it bears knowing a bit about this haircare brand’s history. Founded by a gentleman named Patrick Ales, who was a salon apprentice back in the 1950’s in Paris, Phyto was conceived with a deep caring of both environment and human beings. Ales saw the terrible side effects of chemically-laden products on both the hands of fellow hairdressers as well as clients’ hair. He realized there was great need for a far gentler, more environmentally friendly range of hair care products.

Ales began studying plants and their history in traditional medicine and how they could be used in modern hair care. In 1965, Ales unveiled his new line of hair care products called Phyto along with the opening of his own salon near Champs Élysées, which is still open to this day. His clients included celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Years ago I briefly used Phyto and fell in love with their entire product line for hair. When I began traveling internationally continuously, it was difficult to find Phyto everywhere back then and in all frankness, hair care wasn’t at the forefront of my mind in my 20’s.

Recently though, I became a renewed and ardent fan of Phyto’s Hair Masks, the Phytojoba Mask (Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask) and the Phytolisse Mask (Express Smoothing Mask).

The Phytojoba Mask is created for Dry Hair, providing deep conditioning, shine enhancement and replenishes lost moisture. With jojoba oil, angelica root extract, sweet orange essential oil and wheat micro-proteins, this hair mask detangles, softens and deeply moisturizes.

Whether you have naturally dry hair, live in an environment that causes dry hair or have undergone a bunch of chemical treatments such as hair coloring, this Phytojob Mask will do wonders for your hair. You can use this once a week as a deep hair mask, slathering it on generously while in the shower and leaving it on for at least a solid 20 minutes to reap its benefits or, if you want over the top softness and hydration, leave it on overnight, wrapping your head in a towel.

Another option from Phyto is the Phytolisse Mask, meant for “unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair.” In my case, put me in the steamy awesomeness of Southeast Asia and I probably need to layer the Phytojoba and the Phytolisse Masks. The difference between the two? The Phytolisse zeroes in on smoothing down those crazy frizzies that are just uncooperative even on our best hair days. It provides similar levels of deep conditioning as the Phytojoba but goes the extra distance for taming frizzy hair even in rainy conditions as it contains pine pulp which apparently aids in blocking humidity from hair.

Both of these plant-based hair masks are must-haves for those of us with dry hair, chemically treated hair or those living in tropical zones. However, I would strongly urge even those of you with normal hair to use one of these hair masks at least once a month to maintain beautiful, healthy, strong hair. Even normal hair needs deep conditioning at its ends. At US $45 for a 6.7 fl. oz. tub, with once weekly use for long hair like mine, one Phyto hair mask tub will last approximately 6 months.

I use these Phyto hair masks once a week, leaving it in for 20-30 minutes (indulge in a body scrub in the meantime). The results are that I get to keep my very long, black hair ultra soft, tangle free and shiny from hydration (not oiliness).

With Phyto hair care being free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils and synthetic alcohols, and at a very reasonable price for delivering on gorgeously soft, hydrated hair, the decision to incorporate Phyto into my weekly hair care routine is an absolute no brainer.

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