Peach and Lily- the best Korean Skincare website.

Peach and Lily- The Best Korean Skincare Website

If you’re a fan of good skin and good skincare, you’ll have heard by now the Korean skincare regimen that is sweeping the world, including America. As a predominantly Asian woman, I’ve been fortunate to have been very well acquainted with all types of Asian skincare since childhood, long before any particular country’s products became a trend. However, during the years that I lived in the US, it was always difficult to get my hands on Asian skincare with exception of Shiseido products.

Don’t get me wrong- Shiseido has always been and will always be one of my very favorite skincare brands. They have powerful products for a wide range of issues and a broad range of budgets. Sometimes though, a girl wants to mix and match skincare products to get the best results. After all, no two of us have the exact same skin so why shouldn’t our skincare regimen be tailored specifically to each of us?

The creation of Peach and Lily by Alicia Yoon brings the very Korean and Japanese skincare products I love to my fingertips in America. Built on Yoon’s 15+ years of passion in skincare and beauty, Peach and Lily curates the very best Korean and Japanese products that include everything from cleansers to toners, eye creams to serums and everything in between. Whether you’re someone who wants to start off with a simple 3 or 4 step skin regimen or you’re a fanatic like me who takes pleasure in a 7+ step program to ensure baby soft and wrinkle-free skin, Peach and Lily makes shopping a pleasant and informative step.

Not only is the website simple to navigate but the product images are clear, beautiful and enlargeable, the latter a requirement for me to purchase skincare products. When deciding what to slather on your precious skin, few things are more questionable than viewing a dubious looking website with fuzzy, strange looking products. Beyond the beautiful images, every product has an in-depth description along with the full list of ingredients in full sized font no less. For those of you wondering exactly how much these products are going to break the bank, you’ll be happy to know, they won’t. That’s the beauty of this beauty site– Yoon and her team make gorgeous skin accessible to all with products starting at just a couple of bucks (really great products, not expired bottom of the barrel crap that other stores put on sale type of situation). Full size products (like some of my favorites listed below) retail anywhere from the $30 range to $60, so by no means anything that will make you wonder whether you’re simply paying for fancy packaging and the brand owner’s 5th vacation home.

Once you start getting hooked on these Korean and Japanese products, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them and be grateful at the same time that your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

Peach and Lily’s offerings are curated by Yoon and her team, which is reassuring considering Yoon’s own skin is beautiful and glistening. As much as I’ve shopped at Sephora or other online stores that now carry a variety of Asian skincare, I don’t know who chose those products or why and I definitely don’t know what their skin looks like. You want beautiful skin? Go to someone who has exactly that.

Here are 3 of my favorite products offered on Peach and Lily.

Peach and Lily- Cremorlab Essence. Learn what Korean "Essence" is and what it will do for your skin.
Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence (US $42/270ml bottle)
For those of you unfamiliar with “Essence,” this is an additional step many Asian women use after Toner and before serums and moisturizers. When I first heard of Essence, I was skeptical about having to add yet another step to my regimen that sounded awfully close to Toner but after a few weeks of using this Cremorlab Essence, I was hooked with good reason.

Let’s start with the consistency of this Essence- it’s ever so slightly “thicker” than Toner. If you’ve ever made your own simple syrup where you boil water and lots of sugar together, you’ll know exactly what I mean, though the Essence is not as “thick” as simple syrup. This has no discernible scent and to use, I simply pour a few drops between my fingers and smooth lightly onto my face after Toner. Cremorlab includes an adorable silver box filled with ergonomically designed cotton pads where you can stick your fingers in a pocket on one side to make using the pad easier but I ended up using the cotton for my regular Toner to help remove make-up residue. It was after about 2 weeks of twice daily use that I noticed the slow but sure softening of my skin and the lack of dry patches that oily/combination skin can sometimes be prone to.

I’m now completely in love with Essence and feel it’s a light blanket of moisture prior to layering serums and moisturizer, an aid to Toner. At $42 for a very decent sized bottle that lasts up to 6 months, this is an extra step that is well worth it.

Peach and Lily- Shangpree Pore Tightening Mask
Shangpree Pore Tightening Mask (US $42/100g)
I’m an ardent fan of clay masks and Shangpree’s Pore Tightening Mask rivals the best of them. The promise of removing sebum and dead skin is spot on with no harsh scrubbing. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, Ginseng root extract, ginger, aloe and apricot- all of which combine to suck the dirt right out of those congested pores, tighten up the skin and moisturize all in one. The results? Immediately softer, cleaner skin.

Peach and Lily- Skin Inc Coenzyme Q10 Serum
Skin Inc Encapsulated Coenzyme Q10 Serum (US $45/10ml)
The same Coenzyme Q10 that we’re supposed to be ingesting as supplements is equally important for our skin to protect against free radicals in the everyday environment we face. Containing Vitamins C and E, this deceptively potent serum glides on skin smoothly, absorbs fairly quickly and promises to improve the appearance of wrinkles. I can’t attest to this last point as (fortunately) I don’t have wrinkles yet but I can attest to the fact that after a few weeks of use, there is a definitive blurring of enlarged pores, a softening of light lines. What’s unique about this serum is the patented seaweed “capsules” (the tiny orange beads) which release ingredients only upon application to the skin.

If you’re already a fan or want to join the one-use face masks, Peach and Lily offers some of the very best options on the Asian market, as single masks or in packets. For those of you who are always (very kindly) commenting on how great my skin is, now you know one of the few sites I shop at. Go forth, discover and enjoy your beautiful skin with Peach and Lily’s product curation. Peach and Lily also offers free shipping for purchases over $50 and free samples!

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