The MUST HAVE Candles for Pet Parents- One Fur All Candles is made from dye-free soy and essential oils. They completely neutralize the most stubborn pet odors and creates a lovely scent in your home.

One Fur All Candles

Candle lovers typically think of stocking up on these age-old light bearers from late fall through winter with a predictable surge around Valentine’s. It may seem out of place and out of season to consider purchasing and lighting candles during the hottest months of the year but keep an open mind to my latest “for the home” discovery; One Fur All Candles are the MUST HAVE candles for pet parents.

As many of you know, I’m an ardent animal lover and have several members of my family who are of the furball persuasion. While I deeply love my furballs, there is no getting around the fact that they regularly create unpleasant odors. No matter how much we clean (the furballs and our home), inevitably, they still leave undesirable odors. Whether you are parents to furball children who just seem to sweat a lot or have strong pheromones, or perhaps you live in a small apartment with less than ideal ventilation; there are 101 reasons your efforts to keep a clean and odor-free home are not paying off.

Enter One Fur All Candles. I recently came across a mention of these candles in some article about cats and dogs in one family, having never heard of them before. As someone who reviews hundreds of products every year across multiple uses (skincare, food and beverage, for the home products, etc.), I have developed a healthy dose of skepticism when products make claims like they are able to effectively rid your home of pet odors. The first thoughts that come to mind are that these candles must be laden with toxic chemicals, the kind prevalent in many plug-in home scenters, which induce migraines in me and often make me nauseous.

Admittedly, I have low tolerance for certain odors, specifically overbearing perfumes and “fake” scented candles, deodorizers, etc. When something claims to smell like fresh lemons but actually smells like concentrated floor cleaner, well, let’s just say I’ve learned never to go near any home scenters or candles where the ingredients are not listed.

In doing research on the One Fur All Candles, I found they are made from dye-free soy wax, contain no paraffin or petroleum by-products and are allergen free. Their scents are created from blends of essential oils as opposed to most other candles and home scenters which use blends of unpronounceable chemicals to mimic essential oils. I reached out to one of One Fur All Candles’ co-founders, David, who was kind enough to send me a couple of their candles to test.

It was love at first light. The Ruby Grapefruit, sit down for this- actually smelled like cutting into a fresh grapefruit. One regular sized candle jar was strong enough to beautifully scent an 18′ x 16′ area. Did it overtake pet odors? Well, the major test was placing the lit candle in the room where my husband and I keep our cats’ litter box. For maximum testing, we waited until the furballs had done several poop sessions without us cleaing the litter box. We placed the one candle jar in that room, left for approximately 20 minutes, came back and there it was, the lovely, natural-smelling grapefruit with nary a cat poop or pee scent anywhere. It was so hard to believe that I actually went around the room sniffing hard like some crazed bloodhound in search of a thief’s tracks but even standing right near the litter box, I could still smell the grapefruit. Only when I crouched down and put my face right near their litter box did I get a whiff of the (gag) things you don’t want to smell.

For those of you who have been pet parents for years and live in hot climates or cool zones with the occasional hot months with no air conditioning (like most San Francisco bay area homes), you’ll be all too familiar with how higher temperatures can unpleasantly intensify pet odors. This is exactly why I wanted to introduce you all to One Fur All Candles during an unlikely time of the year- summer time.

The One Fur All Candles make for wonderful gifts year round and are fantastic for romantic ambiance but in addition to all that, these are the only candles I’ve found thus far that double as a truly effective pet odor disintegrator. Unlike the toxic chemical-laden alternatives, these candles don’t simply mask the pet odors, swirling together to create a new, bizarre scent in your home. I don’t know the science behind this but the results are that these One Fur All Candles dissipate the unpleasant pet odors as if you’d been able to air out your home completely and then replaces them with the lovely essential oils scents.

There are scents to entice every candle lover, from the traditional autumn Apple Cider, to nature inspired scents like Bamboo Watermint and Evergreen Forest, to the food scents like Gingerbread and Mango Peach. My personal favorites are the Ruby Red Grapefruit and the Lavender Green Tea. There are 21 scents that come in regular sized reusable glass jars, mini candles, hanging car scenters and wax melts. Regular sized candles range from $19.95 to $21.95 and mini candles are $3.49.

One Fur All Candles are a must-have home changer for pet parents and are now on my list of best gifts to give year round.

For those of you who care (as we all should to the best of our ability) about who is behind One Fur All Candles, they are two men who were friends from childhood, each with families that include many furballs. Nothing quite like company founders who use their own products.