GM Collin Native Collagen Gel- Collagen boosting serum.

GM Collin Native Collagen Gel

Anyone who is adamant about great skincare is usually also obsessed with how to get our bodies to regenerate “good skin,” that is, the firm, wrinkle-free skin we have when young. Collagen, being the main structural protein and most abundant protein in the human body, is critical in skin repair and good skin maintenance. Collagen is so profoundly critical that types of it are used for burn victims to aid in regeneration of new skin.

With this knowledge in hand, we scour the skincare world to identify the best Collagen-boosting serums on the market. For me, it was love at first try with GM Collin’s Native Collagen Gel.

Pastel orange in color, this gel blanketed my skin with an immediate sense of silkiness, moisturizing without oiliness. First time use produced a discernible “aaah” moment where my skin felt relieved, the equivalent of the body suddenly eating an all organic, berries and greens diet.

With key ingredients including Grapefruit peel extract, Glycerin and Honey extract, this Collagen Gel works powerfully to reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and provides deep hydration to all skin types without causing unwanted side effects such as oiliness.

Contrary to popular belief, dry and oily skin do have something in common– both skin types are in desperate need of proper hydration. The Native Collagen Gel helps dry or mature skin to heal itself and regenerate the aforementioned “good skin,” while oily skin benefits from the same hydration without fear of becoming more shiny.

For a baby soft touch to your face, this GM Gollin serum is a must have for a daily skincare repertoire. I use this both night and day after toning, with other serums, before moisturizer.

If you’re not familiar with the GM Collin brand, that’s likely because it’s one of the best kept secrets among aestheticians at various spas around the world. The brand was founded in France in 1957 by a dermatologist who pioneered the use of collagen pellicles in skincare. Over the last few years, GM Collin has grown to become one of my top 5 favorite skincare brands ever.

You can visit the GM Collin website directly to find authorized sellers.

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