The Best Face Oil Meets Serum for Anti-aging- GM Collin Ceramide Comfort

GM Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort- The Best Face Oil Meets Serum

By now you’ve heard of all the wonders of face oil and why you should incorporate it into your daily skin regimen. I know many of you, especially those with combination/oily skin, are not convinced. I understand completely. You’re wondering how an oil could possibly help combat already oily skin. For those of you with normal to dry skin, I’ve heard your complaint as well about how you simply don’t like the oily residue left by most face oils you’ve tried.

I’ve got great news for all of you with all the myriad skin types and skin issues you’d like to combat: one of my all time favorite skincare brands, GM Collin, has come out with their Daily Ceramide Comfort, which are little golden capsules of a face oil meets serum that leaves your skin inconceivably silky soft, as if you’ve just had a professional microdermabrasion and oxygen booster in one.

Yes, it’s that good.

I’ve never been one to be crazy about skincare in capsules as I find them to be cumbersome to deal with, never sure if I’m going to puncture the little thing too far resulting in liquid squirting out all over the place. However, GM Collin’s Daily Ceramide Comfort is potent enough for me to deal with said capsules.

Here’s what happens if you have dry skin: you know those flakes you probably deal with? Banished in days. No more face dandruff. No more tightness (as opposed to firmness). No more itchiness. If you have dry skin, this is a must have for your nightly skincare routine.

Here’s what happens if you have combination/oily skin: this face oil meets serum actually helps control sebum production not only at night while you’re sleeping (which most of you don’t care about anyhow) but with prolonged use, you will notice a significant difference in your daytime skin. You only use this face oil/serum at night but its powerful effects last throughout the 24 hour cycle, especially once you’ve given it a solid one month of nightly use.

Here’s what happens for all skin types: this face oil meets serum boosts hydration to the point where fine lines and sallow looking skin start to diminish and all together disappear. Pay close attention the first night you apply this Ceramide serum. Besides its faint olive oil reminiscent scent, you should notice how your fingers almost slip off your face due to how silky your skin becomes immediately at first application.

The GM Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort serum capsules come typically 75 capsules to a package. While you’re instructed to use one capsule per night, I actually find I can use one capsule over two nights so one package lasts almost five months. In the US, you can purchase this for $98¬†and it’s more than worth its weight in gold.

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