Best Anti Aging Creams- GM Collin Retinol Advanced+Matrixyl + Q10

G.M. Collin Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10- Best Anti Aging Creams

If you’ve never heard of the skincare brand GM Collin, you’re definitely not alone. GM Collin is one of those deeply loved brands used by aestheticians around the world but rarely receives its due coverage in the average beauty and fashion magazines since they don’t really market directly to consumers. If you’ve been privileged to get facials at any of the great spas around the world, there’s a good chance the products they use are by GM Collin.

Founded in 1957 in France by a dermatologist who pioneered the use of collagen pellicles, G.M. Collin is one of the best kept secrets in the skincare industry. How did I find out about G.M. Collin? I have been fortunate enough to experience facials at quite a few spas all over the world and post-facial, I would always curiously look around the dimmed treatment rooms to find out what were those awesome products the aestheticians used.

So where can you purchase these elusive yet potent skincare products by G.M. Collin? You won’t find them at Sephora or your local department store but the GM Collin website has a full list of authorized retailers that carry their products.

If you have a regular facialist or dermatologist you frequent, they may already be selling them and if not, you can always ask them to start doing so. It’s a win win for everyone.

One of the first G.M. Collin products I fell in love with is this Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10 Night Cream. A mouthful, right? What does it all mean?

Retinol– no doubt you’ve heard of by now. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and for several decades now has been a beloved skincare ingredient that helps stimulate collagen production, thereby helping the skin to appear more youthful, taut and hydrated.

Matrixyl, a peptide, is another darling in skincare with function similar to Retinol in helping to force the production of more and new collagen.

Q10, short for CoEnzyme Q10, may be something you’re familiar with even in ingested vitamins and supplements. Its function is to regulate the body’s energy production and help repair damaged cells, especially brought on by sun exposure.

What we have here with G.M. Collin’s Retinol Advanced Night Cream is the holy grail of anti-aging creams. While we’re sleeping, this potent cream is repairing environmental damage done to our skin during the day, it’s instantly hydrating (my skin was immediately softer upon first use), and over prolonged use, it does a remarkable job of evening out your skin tone so that when you look under those terrifying skin microscopes (like the ones department store beauty counters use to scare you into buying their products by showing how terribly your skin really is underneath!!!), you’ll actually be happy with what you see.

Fine lines become a non-existent thing while sun and aging spots slowly but surely fade away. Like any skincare product that is geared towards being proactive instead of reactive, you’ll notice how beautiful your skin becomes after a full cycle of use and even more so, with prolonged use.

This anti-aging Night Cream (which can be used as a serum underneath a heavier moisturizer if you have dry skin), has a light creamy-liquid texture and a subtle, lovely scent of bamboo, jasmine and sandalwood.

If you haven’t discovered or used G.M. Collin before, I highly encourage you to check them out. With a wide breadth of skincare products to tackle every issue, many of them winning one industry award after another, these plant and marine based products are not tested on animals, a huge plus for an animal lover like me.

The Retinol Advanced Night Cream is available for US $92 for a 1.7 fl oz pump tube that lasts about 4 months with nightly use.

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