Farm House Fresh Pudding A Peel - a great at home Glycolic peel.

Farm House Fresh Pudding Apeel- At Home Glycolic Peel

I’ve been a longtime fan of skincare company Farm House Fresh and am always excited to share with you the newest products from them, including “Pudding Apeel,” an at home glycolic peel mask that aims to smooth our skin by getting rid of dead surface cells without harsh abrasion.

With Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Tapioca, Honey, Green Tea extract, Honeysuckle extract and Coconut Milk, Pudding Apeel is a power mask in a cute jar. These intensive ingredients works together to control acne and increase cell turnover. As with all FHF skincare products, this mask is Paraben and Sulfate free.

Also like every other Farm House Fresh product, Pudding Apeel comes in an appealing packaging, this one in a small glass jar with easy to remove lid. The mask smells divinely like Creme Brulée with the texture of thick tapioca pudding with tiny beads. The first time I opened the jar, I was seriously tempted to taste it; it looked so yummy!

I’d never encountered a peeling mask like this one before, unsure of what to expect given its scent and texture. Upon first application, I felt a light tingling sensation after the first minute or so. No pain or discomfort at all- just a tingling almost as if I were quickly running an ice cube all over my face. The mask was also cool temperature-wise, not because I had kept it in a cold area but this seems to be part of its inherent attribute.

Instructions are to keep the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes, which I’ve done every use. This mask does not dry or crackle the way mud or some clay masks do. It remains velvety thick and moist, similar to lathering fresh yogurt on your face. Upon washing away, we’re left with a deeply moisturized smoothness. After two months of weekly use, I’m very happy with how this Glycolic Mask helps keep away dry, flaky patches I sometimes have in the T-zone. For any of you with Oily or Combination skin, you’ll know what I mean.

It’s never easy balancing skin’s pH levels so that we control oil without stripping natural moisture to end up with flaky skin on top of oil slicks. FHF’s Pudding Apeel is great at normalizing that fine balance. It is certainly an added bonus that it smells and feels delicious!

US $22 for a 3.25 oz. jar that should last about 4 months or so with weekly use, a very reasonable price for such high quality and powerful results.

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