Delsey Honore+ Carry-On Luggage

It is no secret that I’m a super fan of the Delsey luggage brand. I’ve been using Delsey nearly exclusively for years now and with excellent reason. The latest of the Delsey line to make it into my travel collection is the Honore+ International 18.5″ Carry-On Spinner. Measuring at a height of 19.8″, length of 13.8″ and depth of 9.8″, this carry-on weighs just 7.7 lbs and comes in a gorgeous matte silver/grey or sleek black.

It was love at first glance for me. With all the traveling I do, aesthetics of my luggage does matter, even for carry-ons. I don’t want luggage that looks just like everyone else’s. It’s hard enough keeping track of everything between whipping out laptops and devices, taking off shoes and removing toiletries. The last thing I need is to get my luggage confused with someone else’s in the mad rush and shuffle of security checks or overhead cabins.

Delsey Honore Carry On Luggage- best travel products.

The Honore+ is distinguishable as far as the eye can see. It’s both curvy and sleek, matte-finished with tan leather accents and its color scheme unique (the only one like it after taking out across 2 domestic and 2 international airports and 3 hotels). Made of % virgin MakrolonĀ® polycarbonate, the Delsey Honore+ is built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh impact. I can travel with ease without worrying about dings, nicks and dents under regular travel conditions.

The double spinner wheels make luggage twisting and difficulty maneuvering a thing of the past- the Delsey wheels are silent, stealthy and keeps weight where it belongs, between the suitcase and the ground, not on me.

Upon first use, I was concerned with what seemed to be less space in the 2 sided compartments compared to my previously one-sided zipper carry-ons. As lovely as the red cloth lined interiors were, I wasn’t sure all my clothes, shoes, toiletries and laptop would all fit for a 1 week trip, particularly one where I had to bring extra clothing for daytime work and evening formal attire. To my surprise, depending on the thickness of the clothing, I’m able to fit up to 8 dresses on one side, toiletries, hair accessories, 2 pairs of shoes, socks and a mini hair-dryer in the other compartment. On top of all this, I was also able to neatly fit in my laptop so I didn’t have to carry an entirely separate case.

Delsey Honore Carry On Luggage- best travel products.

There’s a TSA compatible and approved code so that using a special TSA key, we can check our luggage in and have TSA do any check they need to do with damaging the luggage. To be clear, there is a 3 digit code we have full control over to set. This code allows us to ensure that no one else can open our Delsey Honore+ luggage without forcibly using an axe or something similar to hack through. The only person who can open the suitcase other than you (or whoever has the 3 digit code you set) would be a TSA person with that special TSA key who can insert the key into the small keyhole near the 3 digit code.

The purchase of the Delsey Honore+ luggage includes a limited 10-Year Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

After traveling with this Delsey carry-on on a couple of trips, I found it to be very lightweight even when fully packed. It’s gorgeous, functional, compact, ergonomically correctly designed and aesthetically unique. All at a very reasonable price of US $270.

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Delsey Honore Carry On Luggage- best travel products.