Best Moisturizers for All Ages- Shiseido Bio Performance Lift Dynamic Cream

Best Moisturizers- Shiseido Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream

One of the many hats I wear in my businesses is product reviewer and with this fun but oft jeopardous job, I get to enjoy those moments of discovering a product that is a game changer. Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream is one such product, unassuming in its lack of media fanfare but one of the top 5 best moisturizers I have ever come across in 35+ years of life, the last 7 or so strongly focused on discovering the world’s best skincare.

Right off the bat I’ll share who I think this potent moisturizer will and will not benefit. If you’re in your 20s, you should wait off on using this with these caveats- if you have seriously dry skin or if you believe you hail from aging genes that could use a boost, then by all means, make very friendly with this cream. If you’re in your 30s with dry skin, definitely incorporate this into your nightly routine. If you’re in your 30’s with oily or combination skin (like me), give this a serious trial run for at least 2 weeks.

If you’re familiar with my skincare features, you’ll know that I can’t stress enough the huge mistake many people with oily/combination skin make with starving their skin of much needed moisture with the belief that doing so will dry up the oil. I was that person making that huge mistake for all of my 20s, focused on using “drying” ingredients, even using toners with alcohol that promised to balance my overactive oil glands. It was a vicious, never ending cycle until I hit my 30s and began doing skincare features hardcore, suddenly privy to all types of products.

With my job, I had no choice but to try rich moisturizers, serums and different types of toners (many of which did not contain alcohol) and much to my shock, my skin did a huge turnaround. Based on quality of skin alone, I was almost a different person. Unsightly pimples were non-existent save for the one every few years when I was truly stressed out. Gone was the need to carry around those oil blotting papers. Gone was the embarrassment of sitting in a meeting with an oil slick of a face despite having just washed thoroughly an hour or two ago.

When I finally understood that the reason my skin was over-producing oil was because it was parched for nutrients and moisture, everything changed. I began a new quest, in constant search for the next greatest moisturizer, one that would pull multiple duties of moisturizing, working on keeping my skin firm and wrinkle free, and protecting from environmental damage.

While I have been a lifelong fan of the Shiseido brand, it was only recently that I came across this Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream. Upon first use one evening, this cream melted into my skin; in my mind I saw rainfall drenching an Arabian desert’s cracked, parched surface. My skin felt instantly soothed, instantly silky and relieved. I slathered a bit on my neck and décolletage; I kid you not, within days, fine lines on my neck faded into near invisibility.

After one month of nightly use, my skin maintained its incredibly softness with far less oiliness even in the daytime. Shiseido recommends using this cream day and night. I have not used it in the morning as I am constantly reviewing a group of various products so have kept my usage strictly to every evening. After the one month, I remember skipping one night and I was not happy the next morning. This moisturizer has become to my skin what green tea is to my daily eating/drinking routine. I just don’t feel right without it and my skin is proof of that.

A few of the skincare technologies used in this Lift Dynamic Cream:

  • Exclusive TruStructiv™ technology helps harness skin’s natural restorative powers for skin that looks firm, lifted and resilient.
  • Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Plus replenishes skin with deep moisture.
  • RenoCycle System helps encourage a smooth skin renewal process to further improve the appearance of skin.

In continuing with my above age-related recommendations, if you’re in your 40s or above with dry skin, the Shiseido Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream is a must have in your daily skincare repertoire. Your face and neck will thank you. Parched skin will come back to vibrancy; lines and wrinkles will fade; sagging will firm up. Don’t believe it? Take a picture of yourself under the exact same lighting condition every single week and compare from Day 1 when you start using it to Month 1 and Month 2. The difference is astounding.

If you’re in your 40s or above with normal or oily/combination skin, you’re incredibly lucky but don’t take it for granted. This moisturizer will help keep your oiliness at bay while delivering much needed nutrients. At 50 ml for US $110, this jar lasts about 5 months with once nightly use. It is very much a worthwhile investment in long term beautiful skin. Imagine never having to worry about plastic surgery, botox or any of that because you were vigilant early on.

Available directly from Shiseido and at major department stores worldwide.