Shiseido Cream Eye Color

I can’t speak for all you lovely ladies out there but personally, on an everyday basis, I don’t like using a ton of make-up. I’ve always believe that make-up is meant to enhance and highlight our best features- not make us look like a completely different person. It’s one thing if I’m going to an evening party or especially for a photo shoot where glaring lights can wash out even heavily applied make-up but unless I’m doing one of these two type of events, I like my daily make-up to be soft, subtle and easy to apply.

All my adult life I’ve used powder eye shadows because everything else would make my naturally oily skin (yes, even my eye area can get a little bit slick during hot days) look greasy or cakey. Some of those cream eye shadows would even clump up in my eye crease looking as if I’d blindly splotched on patches of color in random spots. Comically horrible!

This past spring (2014) I came across Shiseido’s new Shimmering Cream Eye Color. Now before those of you who hate any kind of shimmer or sparklies run away, hear me out. This adorably packaged single cream shadow comes in a staggering 23 shades of gloriously fun colors that will make you feel like you’re the life of your own party wherever you go.

I use my fourth finger to slip a little color on and then gently glide it along my eyelid. Here’s what made me fall in love with what I now call the world’s best Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow:

  • It slides on my eyelid smoothly with no clumping or color clotting.

  • A first slide results in a visible but soft look (I use the Leather and Sable colors for everyday).

  • A second slide on just the outer corners of my lids results in a deeper shade that looks like the perfect “winged” or “cat’s eye” look that many of us like, that little lift to open and enlarge the look of our eyes. Usually we’d use an actually darker shade of shadow but that’s the cool thing about Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Color- you can create all kinds of looks from soft and subtle to daring and dramatic just from adjusting how many passes of the shadow you use on your lids.

  • After an entire day of using the cream shadow, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., the shadow stood perfectly in place!! (Looks like their promise of 16 hour staying power holds true).  I can’t tell you how elated that made me. Powder shadows, though a saving grace when it came to not making my eyelids look like weird colorful oil slicks did not have staying power unless I used eye shadow primer and I am just not into all those multiple steps for a simple, everyday look.

  • Depending on how much you use, you can control how much “shimmer” actually shows. If you do a light application for daytime, there’s very little shimmer so that you can use this for work without looking like you’re at a club. Layer on more and you’ll begin to see a heavier shimmer. Some colors also have more shimmer, particularly the lighter colors.

  • At US $25 for a 6 gram individual small jar, you are getting a great value for one of the world’s foremost leaders in skincare and makeup. Because the pigments are of such high quality, a little really goes a long way, making this cute jar last a good half year at least if you’re using it on a daily basis (1x/day) for a pretty daytime look.

  • Did I mention this comes in 23 gorgeous colors? One sweep of my favorite Leather or Sable will give your eyes that extra pop for a soft daytime look. Layer on Purple Dawn or Angel and you can swiftly transition into a sultry evening look.

Stock up on your favorite colors- a valuable investment for the year! Available at and various department stores around the world.

Shown in Picture Above: Leather and Angel

Shown in Picture Below (left to right, top to bottom): Magnolia, Meadow, Purple Dawn, Patina, Moss, Sunshower, Ice and Cardinal