Delsey Hyperlite Spinners

Living life with an insatiable wanderlust has its pros and cons. I’m grateful that I was brought up by parents who were passionate about traveling around the world and instilled that same passion in me. I adore waking up in a different city every few days regardless of whether it’s for work or pleasure, considering I find my work to be extremely pleasurable. I love breathing in the different and unique air in each city and that blindfolded, I could recognize what city I’m in just by the scent of its air.

With all the wondrous aspects of being a globetrotter, the one downside is that I have lived out of my suitcase since I was fifteen years old. I’ve had closets of course- some of them very amply sized but I never saw the purpose in completely unpacking when for most of my life, I would be on the go within weeks. One of the most important aspects of creating as smooth and problem-free a journey as possible is the type of suitcases I use.

By now, I truly have lost count of how many types and sizes of suitcases I’ve gone through over the years, though some stand out for all the wrong reasons. Picture running through Chicago’s gargantuan O’Hare airport trying to catch your connecting plane because your last one was late and as you’re running, one wheel (out of the 2) on your carry-on suddenly pops off. Or how about waiting patiently at Sao Paolo’s Guarulhos Int’l only to find a corner of your large suitcase dented so badly that you know no amount of punching, pounding or hammering will get it back into shape and you’ve just lost nearly 1/4 of the interior space. 

And here’s my all time favorite- having Singapore Airlines page your name at Seoul Incheon Airport as you’re the passenger holding up the plane only to arrive at the gate to find an added x-ray machine security line (that is not usually there).  You’re desperately trying to turn your carry-on around but its little wheels are gripped by the Satan of travel himself, refusing to budge, as the Korean security guards are stifling laughs watching your predicament.

Ah yes, the perspiration-inducing-now-it’s-funny memories of struggling with all kinds of luggage whose collective brand names should have just been “Don’t Travel With Me.” 

One recent day, I came across Delsey’s new Hyperlite Spinners. I kid you not when I tell you that the first trip I took with my gorgeous Mocha- colored Hyperlite Spinner, I heard the travel heavens open up and Handel’s Messiah thundering in my ears. You know those moments when you’re just walking along to your gate and for absolutely no reason your carry-on decides to flip over like a petulant child having a temper tantrum? I liken the Hyperlite Spinner to the most beautiful, agreeable, flexible and well-behaved child that mankind has ever known. 

Mocha Junior” as I have fondly named her, glided right along with me, her silent wheels spinning whichever way they needed to, to keep up with me instead of the other way around. And the full-size “Mocha” has served me to perfection over several trips now, arriving unscathed, unmarred, shining with a quiet sophistication without gaudy designer markings all over that serve only to invite the interest of those occasionally unethical luggage handlers we come across. 

No, “Mocha” is in a class all her own, with her uncanny ability to let you know when you’ve overstuffed her beyond the allowed 50 lbs. Her reinforced corners prevent even the biggest airport brutes from changing “Mocha” into an alien form while the expandable interior compartment allows for those extra purchases while abroad. With all her attributes, she is super light such that empty, I can pick her up with just my fingers. This makes “Mocha” my absolute first choice in luggage for my parents who still love traveling but definitely should not have to deal with heavy luggage at their age.

My “Mocha” has become as indispensable as my smartphone, helping to make life easier, smoother and far less stressful. I would say that I’ll never let her go until her dying day but considering that Delsey offers a limited Lifetime Warranty, that day may never come.

Delsey’s Hyperlite Spinners come in a multitude of sizes and in classic Black, Mocha and a Macy’s exclusive Blue Iris version. This luggage collection is available at most department stores and via Delsey’s website. Luggage begins at just over US $100 and is worth far more than every dollar spent.

Key Features Include:

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Constructed of lightweight technology and Dura Tec™ material backed with Vapor Barrier for long lasting use. One of the lightest and most durable cases on the

SUPERIOR MOBILITY: Four silent double spinner wheels assure smooth maneuverability and keep ZERO weight on your arm.

OVER WEIGHT INDICATOR: Built in the case, Delsey exclusive Over Weight Indicator (Patent Pending) allows you to determine if  your bag is over 50 lbs when packing.

OPTIMUM CONVENIENCE AND PROTECTION:  Kick plate and reinforced corners offer additional protection. Easy to Grab™ bottom handle is great for overhead compartment or car trunk lifting.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY:  Roomy main compartment expands 2 inches on uprights, increasing space and packing flexibility. This feature is great for packing souvenirs on return journeys.

WORLDWIDE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Since Delsey’s products bring you the very best in technology, durability and quality, our Helium Hyperlite Spinners collection has Worldwide Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

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