Shiseido Compact Foundation SPF 36

Whether you’ve got dry skin that tends to flake or oily/combination skin that shines like a full moon especially in hot climate zones, finding a compact foundation with built-in SPF is no easy task. Shiseido has recently unveiled their new Compact Foundation SPF 36 which has quickly become a staple in my handbag for everyday use.

As someone with oily skin, I prefer a matte and clean finishing compact that can help ward off shine attacks, protect my skin from sun damage during car rides and short walks all without clogging my pores even more than environmental stresses already do. This Shiseido Compact Foundation, while great for smoothing on prior to make-up for an all-day finished look, is my preference for the perfect touch-up “powder” on the go. 

Right around lunch time I whip out the compact after blotting my face (with oil-blots or napkins) and use the accompanying sponge to gently press on a light new layer of “powder” foundation. It doesn’t smudge my already-done make-up but just lends that fresh “just done” face appearance like I just walked out of my house, ready to take on the world. That quick mid-day touch up lasts me all the way through the end of the business day, ensuring my facial skin is still protected from any sun rays I might encounter on quick dashes to meetings or short drives.

That it keeps my face from shining with unsightly oil is the cherry on top of a very sweet cake. With exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360TM technology and ProfenseCELTM to resist aging, Shiseido sun foundations protect skin from damage caused by external aggressors such as UV rays and dryness, the latter of which even oily/combination skin can suffer from.

If you have dry skin and prefer a natural, more dewy finish instead of matte, you can smooth on this compact foundation while your skin is still moist from your moisturizer.  At just US $28, the Shiseido Compact Foundation SPF 36 is the greatest value for an outstanding skin-protective, multi-function product which lasts for an entire year with light daily use.

Pictured above is the Shiseido Compact Foundation SPF 36 on the right in the regular case while the left is a limited edition case. Pictured below is me using the compact foundation on a recent photo shoot.

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