Muscato D’Oro- Best Dessert Wines

The passion for wine is a very subjective matter- what one considers a fine wine may be foul liquid to another. At Asian Fusion, we have taken great care to rarely mention alcoholic beverages in our reviews throughout the site but like anything else in life, there are exceptions that come along to wash away all preset rules. Robert Mondavi’s Muscato D’Oro is one such case where the extraordinary experience that envelopes our palate begs to be shared.

I first stumbled upon this Muscato while at the Mondavi Winery on a private tour hosted by a gentleman named Gary whose bright eyes and joie de vivre closely resembles the late Mondavi himself. Upon first sip of this sweet dessert wine I fell silent, stilled by the seeming receding of the environment around me. Bursts of tropical fruits and lush jasmine swirled on my tongue- its’ cool smoothness giving hints of citrus entanglements and playful sensuality.

At first sip, I was madly in love. If a dessert wine can be described as full-bodied and round, Mondavi’s Muscato is the perfect model. My personal favorite is the Muscato D’Oro 2008 whose lovely sweetness is tempered and balanced exquisitely. The 2009 batch is also a sure favorite amongst dessert wine connoisseurs though not as sharply balanced as the 2008 crop. Mondavi’s Muscato is sold through Mondavi’s online store as well as at BevMo stores, Ranch 99 and certain upscale markets. Packaged in a sleek, sexy, slim bottle, this Muscato makes for a wonderful gift for sweet wine lovers.

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