Pevonia Intensifier d.n.a. & Diacetyle Boldine

If you’re unfamiliar with using serums, it’s time to make them your best friend. Serums have wide ranging functions and are typically applied to the skin prior to an evening moisturizer. Pevonia’s Intensifier d.n.a. & Diacetyle Boldine is a serum targeted for smoothing skin tone, shrinking enlarged pores and lightening pigmentation from sun spots and leftover acne marks.

How it works: 
Marine d.n.a. Polypeptides are blended with Diacetyle Boldine and Gardenia Oil to result in delivery of this serum’s bold promises.

The first time I applied this thin, beige colored serum, I was truly amazed at the instant silkiness that was my skin. While my skin is generally in good condition, having oily-combination skin has its cons as much as its pros. I get the occasional breakouts and depending on the season and environment, I may get patches of dry skin in between oily areas.

I work hard to keep my skin in as smooth and healthy a condition as possible through healthy eating and by drinking copious amounts of water. Still, encountering a serum that can attack my natural facial issues in a powerful and rapid manner is a very welcome gift. Pevonia’s Intensifier d.n.a. serum took my skin from good to baby smooth in the first application alone. Given the number of serums I’ve tried from countless skincare lines, the initial results were highly surprising even to a seasoned product tester like me.

Over the first week, nightly applications resulted in increasingly softer skin. After one month, I noticed tightening around the mouth. Those lines that annoyingly end up making a permanent home on your face because you’ve laughed so much? Those visibly faded. Just because we love the laughter doesn’t mean we have to love the wrinkles that come with it. After two months, there was dramatic lightening of two acne spots that had previously clung to my skin like a stubborn mule, refusing to fade on their own.

If your skin is anything like mine; if you want to tighten your skin and get overall smoothness, Pevonia’s Intensifier d.n.a. & Diacetyle Boldine is the perfect serum for you. At $76, this is a precious steal for a serum that potently delivers on its promises.

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