Shiseido Men’s Energizing Formula- Best Skincare For Men

Throughout my life, I have always had oily skin, which is of course, a blessing and a curse. It has been a decades-long struggle to find the appropriate moisturizer that provides my ever growing need for moisture as I grow older, without adding shine or unwanted oiliness.

My first impression after first using the Shiseido Energizing Formula was an overall very comfortable, cool and fresh feeling on my face. There was no heavy residue minutes later or even hours later. The lotion’s scent is extremely faint which is perfect so it doesn’t clash with my aftershave.

With a smooth gel texture, this Green Tea infused lotion made my skin feel moisturized and less oily for a full 14 hours. My t-zone was noticeably less shiny; I eventually used only one third of the facial oil blotters I used to use.

For men with oily or sensitive skin, the Shiseido Energizing Instant Refresher is one of the few products on the market that truly delivers the hydration oily skin craves to combat environmental stresses and aging without excess oil or pore clogging ingredients.

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