I wish that with one article I could lay to rest one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about serums- that you’re going to see results after a day or a week. In my years of testing skincare products, I have yet to come across a facial product that provides dramatic results after just one use, barring non-invasive procedures such as microdermabrasion or laser whitening. 

If you understand that even the greatest of products take some time to demonstrate their efficacy, then you will most likely fall in love with Shiseido’s Bio Performance Serum.

My mother taught me early on that’s it never too early to start protecting your skin from the unfortunately destructive environment we have now created. If you’re someone who’s been good about cleansing and moisturizing, then you’re off to a great start. Add Shiseido’s Bio Performance Serum to that regimen and you’re sitting pretty, knowing that you’ve done as much as humanly possible from an external standpoint, to fight against a mother nature that is no longer gentle.

This anti-aging serum is my pick for best overall serum because a wide age range and any skin type can benefit from it. Anyone in their 20s, 30s (I belong to this group) and 40s would do very well with this serum that effectively combats fine lines, the onset of deeper wrinkles and sagging. 

Formulated without those harmful chemicals which have become taboo among the best skincare lines- Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates, Shiseido’s Bio Performance Serum has had phenomenal research results (listed below). Few people realize that Shiseido is one of the world’s oldest skincare companies that holds the patent to many of the other famous brands’ skincare technology. 

Anti-aging products are difficult to judge as we look at our own faces every day, multiple times a day. Seeing those changes is like noticing that someone you live with and see every day has gained a pound a week. You don’t really notice the results until sometime later. Personally, I noticed a difference in the firmness and plumpness of my skin after about one month of daily use.

I also received more compliments than usual on how smooth and glowing my skin appeared. The real proof though? Take a close-up picture of your face under bright light before you begin using the serum and then take another picture after a few weeks. Make sure to take the picture under the exact same conditions- close-up, bright lights, same location and around the same time of day, to ensure a fair assessment.

If you’re searching for an overall boost in your anti-aging regimen, to get rid of fine lines, reduce the onset of wrinkles and noticeably tighten your face and neck, at US $80, Shiseido’s Bio Performance Serum is undeniably best in class.

Research results:
In a clinical trial conducted over a 3-week period on 222 women: 

After 1 Day of Use: 

  • 92% felt their wrinkles were more smooth 
  • 100% felt their skin became more resilient 

After 1 Week of Use: 

  • 98% reported visible antiaging effects 
  • 98% reported their skin dullness improved 
  • 97% reported the appearance of their wrinkles was diminished 
  • 95% reported there was an increase in the appearance of the lifting of skin 

After 3 Weeks of Use: 

  • 99% reported that they were satisfied with the antiaging effects 
  • 98% reported an increase in the firmness of their skin 
  • 97% reported a reduction of deep wrinkles

Shiseido Website
This product is available at department stores worldwide and at various online shops including the Shiseido website and Sephora.