Pillitteri Ice Wines- The World’s Best Ice Wines

If you haven’t heard of Ice Wine, you’re not alone. When I recently referred to Ice Wine at a group dinner, people look puzzled, questioning why we would put ice in our wine- an understandable misconception if you’ve not had this diamond of wines yet.

What exactly is Ice Wine? At Pillitteri Winery, Ice Wine is derived from grapes that naturally freeze in the winter at -8 degrees Celsius or colder. These grapes must be hand-picked typically within hours of the exact right time, requiring a large labor force that partially contributes to its high price. Some years, the climate may not cooperate, yielding grapes that are left on the vine to rot due to the absence of the frigid winter air. Only passionate wine makers would take on the hefty risk of producing Ice Wine.

After the laborious task of hand-picking the grapes in harsh sub-zero temperatures, the grapes go through a rigorous extraction and fermentation process that belies the resulting smooth, sweet and luscious wine. If you’ve never had the immense pleasure of tasting Ice Wine, be aware that it possesses a very concentrated flavor with intense natural grape sweetness, unlike any other wine.

As someone who adores sweet wines, I found a great love for Pillitteri Icewines, produced by a Sicilian family winery in Canada. There’s much to be lauded about superior quality, refined products that come from the love and labor of five generations of a family.

Every drop of Pillitteri Icewines exude finesse, full bodied passion, the sweet aroma of ripened fruits and the dolce vita spirit of family love. While all Pillitteri Icewines are exquisite, my personal favorites are the 2007 Chardonnay Icewine and the 2008 Sangiovese Icewine, both of which are award winning jewels with the omnipresence of tropical fruits.

Whether to treat yourself, as a gift to friends or if you have parents like mine who like sweet wines with lower alcohol content, Pillitteri Icewines are gorgeous inside out. If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Ontario, make it a highlight of your trip to partake in Pillitteri Wine & Cheese tastings or if you have a sweet tooth, their Wine & Chocolate tastings, all of which are offered at extremely affordable prices.

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