Spindrift- Healthiest Soda Alternative

What do we need to get through hot, muggy summer days? An icy cold drink. What do we not need? Drinks loaded with excess sugar and calories for no reason. Enter Spindrift- the answer to our thirsty prayers.

I was lucky enough to come across this amazing product while strolling through San Francisco’s Ferry Building one afternoon and met one of its executives. As one who abhors sodas, I was thrilled to encounter a line of beverages that had the fun carbonated aspect of sodas but incorporated a unique and delicious twist- fresh fruit juices.

From tangy grapefruit to luscious mangoes, blackberries, cranberries and twists of citrusy oranges and limes, Spindrift delivers a full range of bubbly drinks to tingle your taste buds all year long. 

There are sodas, which are the sparkling water mixed with fresh fruit juices and then there are Seltzers, made from the same fresh ingredients as the sodas but lighter on the juices to produce a mere 10 calories per bottle.

Once you taste these, you’ll NEVER go back to regular soda. For those suffering from diabetes or just wanting to keep healthy, Spindrift is a God-send. What are the ingredients in these magical elixirs? Here’s a list; be forewarned- you can actually pronounce each ingredient and chances are, you have most of them in your own kitchen.

Triple Filtered Sparkling Water
Fresh Squeezed Juices (fresh pink grapefruit, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, fresh mango purée, etc.)
Evaporated Cane Juice
Citric Acid (found naturally in citrus fruits)
Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for color)

None of these Ingredients:
Artificial Sweeteners
Juice from Concentrate
Artificial Coloring

My refrigerator is now constantly fully stocked with a variety of Spindrift sodas and seltzers, allowing me, my family, friends and team members to indulge in our favorite drinks knowing we are drinking our way to good health. Forget a cool beverage on hot summer days (though they do make for amazing bases to cocktails as well), Spindrift is here to stay all year long.

Spindrift Website