Our fearless team of product testers at AsianFusion typically features individual skin care products on our list of Favorites but for the first time ever, we are listing one brand as a general Favorite due to the incredible consistency across every one of their products we tested.

Wei Skincare’s line of age-defying products made our senior product tester fall in love and given her extensive experience with the best skin care lines around the world, that is no small feat. After just two days of using the Wei products, Wydia, AsianFusion’s senior product tester, called me to gush about the immediate results.

“These Wei products have a very natural, delicate scent; nothing overpowering at all,” she reports. “After one evening and one morning use, the Royal Ming Firming & Hydrating Cream created a smooth, silky feeling all over my face and neck. The White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend instantly hydrated the dry skin around my eyes and by day two, I could actually see a few lines had disappeared. I am absolutely in love with this.”

Did the results continue and hold up though?

After three weeks of day and night use, Wydia reported a significant change with the lines and small wrinkles under her eyes thanks to the White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend. “I compared what I saw in the mirror to pictures of myself from ten years ago. There was no difference anymore.”  

The White Lotus Moisture Rich Blend is created with nutrient-rich black mud, White Lotus flowers and White Lily bulbs which retain skin’s natural moisture, and Reishi Mushroom and Ginseng, both of which are extremely high in antioxidants to fight free radical damage.

Wei’s Royal Ming Firming & Hydrating Cream is derived from an 18-herb formula dating back to the Ming dynasty in China. This potent anti-aging cream includes Purple Nutsedge which purifies the pores. Goji Berries which stimulate skin’s energy and Chestnut and White Lotus which helps with the loss of elasticity and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Wydia decided to use the Royal Ming Firming & Hydrating Cream on both her face and neck, citing a dramatic disappearance of lines on her neck and noticeable smoothing and firming of her facial skin, thanks also in part to the Goji Berry Age Defense Serum. 

Goji Berries are native to Asia and have long been lauded for their high level of antioxidants. In Eastern medicine, Goji Berries have been made into various tonics to combat high blood pressure, macular degeneration and cancer. In a topical cream, Goji Berries fight against free radical damage.

All of Wei’s skin care products are allergy and dermatologist tested. At over 65 years old, Wydia has most people believing she is 50 so Wei must be doing something right. For those of you who want to achieve the silken smooth skin of princesses from royal dynasties of China, Wei skin care products provide the best hybrid of ancient herbal knowledge with modern technology. 

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