Finding its roots in Japan since the 1870’s, Shiseido began first as an herbal medicine company that sought to bring about a revolutionary type of company to the masses. The name ‘Shiseido’ itself is a spin on the classic Chinese I-Ching book which in short praises the glory of all things natural and how nature brings forth new life. From herbal medicine to Japan’s first toothpaste, vitamin supplements and finally, cosmetics, Shiseido has historically always been a leader in its field.

It is no surprise that well over a century later Shiseido still dominates the cosmetic industry, owning many of the patented technology that lies in the foundation of many other leading cosmetic companies today. With a variety of skin care lines, Shiseido has perfected the formulation of countless products targeted for every skin type and age range. From those who suffer from overactive sebaceous glands to those with dry patches, there is a powerful range of Shiseido products to normalize the skin and bring forth glowing radiance.

While Shiseido’s skincare lines and gorgeous color palettes in their make-up range are world famous, the company also produces a lesser known line of hair care products. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners exist in several lines, targeted for normal, dry, oily and combination hair types. The Japanese public has long been fortunate enough to have easy access to Shiseido’s hair care line while the rest of us have only in recent years been able to get our hands on it in the western hemisphere. In the United States specifically, these rich shampoos are easily found in most Asian stores such as Ranch 99 and Daiso.

These luxuriously shampoos and conditioners give an incredible sheen to all hair types, with easy to comb and smooth results. The best part about it? Large bottles that last between two to three months (if you wash 3 times weekly) cost an incredibly reasonable US$12 to $17. Skip the uber-expensive hair care products that force you to choose between glorious hair and eating well. You can eat your cake all while sitting pretty without breaking the bank.