By far the best Coconut Water available other than hacking a fresh coconut- Harmless Harvest.

Harmless Harvest- The Best Coconut Water in America

Most people who know me know I’m obsessed with coconut water and no, my obsession didn’t arise with the recent popular trend in America. I am after all, from Asia and since childhood have been drinking coconut water from fresh coconuts. It has therefore amazed me to witness the grotesquely delayed reaction from all the health nuts and trend followers towards one of nature’s most powerful thirst quenchers.

Are all the rumors true about coconut water? Is it in fact as rich in antioxidants and nutrients as everybody claims? Well, yes; there’s a reason why Asians and South Americans have been using this fruit in cooking and its raw format for consumption and topical beauty and health care for at least centuries, if not longer.

Coconut water contains electrolytes that help balance the body’s chi (energy) and in laymen terms, simply hydrates the body in an effective manner. Much the same way athletes guzzle manmade beverages like Gatorade and physicians recommend drinks like Pedialyte for babies, natural coconut water is nature’s powerful balancing liquid. The abundance of vitamins including B-complex and C, calcium, bioactive enzymes and cytokinins make coconut water a strong fighter against aging, obesity, diarrhea and bone degeneration.

Coconut water is not to be confused with coconut milk. The former is the liquid naturally found in a freshly opened coconut while the latter is derived from squeezing coconut flesh with water.

Outside of Asia and South America, finding fresh coconuts is not so easy and even when they’re available, cutting them open on a daily basis is just not a task I’m inclined to do no matter how much I crave coconut water. In recent years, we have an array of coconut water products to choose from. And which is now my undisputed number one favorite?

Harmless Harvest. Hands down-this company’s raw coconut water tastes exactly as it should- like drinking the fresh liquid right after cutting open a coconut. What makes Harmless Harvest different from its competitors? They don’t heat the coconut water, a process which results in that strange kind of musty flavor characteristic of all other brands. Not only does Harmless Harvest’s coconut water retain the natural, original flavor of the real thing, that long list of aforementioned nutrients and antioxidants is also preserved.

While the hoopla surrounding coconut water may come and go like many other fads, those of us who have been lifelong fans of this super fruit have experienced its overall health and skin benefits. And just as the real coconut tree has withstood the test of time, so will Harmless Harvest. What’s not to love about a company that promotes sustainable farming and doesn’t use gimmicks to sell their gold standard products?

Harmless Harvest is available at stores across America.