Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Cleanser- Best Travel Cleansers

If it weren’t in a labeled package, you could easily mistake it for Matcha (green tea) powder. After adding a bit of water, the powder on my fingers formed a gorgeous deep green liquid with a touch of foam. Rubbing it over my face, I could feel the beads of crushed rice with a smooth liquid; it felt almost like washing my face with a milkshake. A quick rinse and gentle pat dry later, my face was completely clean.

From Japanese skincare company Tatcha, the Deep Rice Enzyme Powder is officially my all time favorite cleanser. In an unusual powder format, this deep cleanser is created using papaya, rice bran, green tea, algae extract and Dokudami- a plant native to Asia whose properties include the ability to detoxify the skin and body. Dokudami literally translates to “poison blocking plant.”

You mix just a half teaspoon or so of the green powder in your hands with a few drops of water to create a lather that both cleanses and gently exfoliates your skin without harsh abrasives. Upon rinsing the cleanser off, the result is clean, soft, supple skin without the feeling of tightness you often feel when using harsh soaps.

It’s a huge misconception that a good cleanser should leave your skin feeling completely bare. When it does its job properly, the best cleanser should remove all traces of make-up (for those who wear make-up) and all traces of dirt, grime, excess oil and environmental stresses on the skin. It should not strip your skin’s natural moisture- this will in turn cause more breakouts since the sebaceous glands will produce more oil to compensate for what it believes is dryness.

Tatcha does not use mineral oils, Parabens, sulfate detergents, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, PPGs, DEA, TEA or Urea in their products. 

The presence of antioxidant green tea and papaya encourages a youthful appearance while the powerful Dokudami helps clear skin from clogged pores and acne.

Besides incorporating many of these powerful ingredients from nature, this Deep Rice Enzyme Powder has won me over with its travel pouches- one of the greatest inventions ever for people who travel a great deal. No more worrying about whether my soap or liquid cleanser will make it past TSA because it’s too large; no more measuring into smaller bottles. Tatcha’s adorable pre-measured sachets make skincare while traveling incredibly easy and neat. Empty the powder of one sachet and toss in the garbage. Not only does it make skincare easier, you’ll come back home with that much less to carry.

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