San Francisco Auto Show 2012

Every year the auto show rolls into different metropolitan cities showing off the latest and greatest in automobiles as well as gleaming classics from an era long passed. This year at the San Francisco Auto Show 2012, I was privileged to have access to countless vehicles at the media only event prior to the actual show’s opening.

From the shiny new Toyotas to the surprisingly comfortable and roomy Hyundais, I sat, shimmied and explored every Asian automobile in Moscone Center. A burgundy colored Hyundai Sonata began at over $20,000 with a very respectable 35 miles per gallon highway. The biggest allure of the Asian makers was the Infiniti’s G Sedan, whose interiors were smooth, dare I say, luxurious and whose seats were buttery soft. Starting at under $37,000, with stellar crash test scores, the Infiniti piqued my interest as a moderate luxury vehicle without an astronomical price tag.

One glorious piece of machinery after another, from the Mercedes SLS AMG GT to the $400,000+ Rolls Royce Phantom and the buggy that made everybody smile- the Mr. Bean car, by the end of the evening, there was one masterpiece that stood out in my memory. The Audi R8.

Plush seating that was second only to Rolls Royce, the Audi R8 features the unrivaled best of German engineering. Crash tested to withstand accidents on the autobahn, there is no better vehicle to ensure safety while living out secret dreams of racing around like the Italian mafia, hugging tight corners, smooth acceleration and all the while, feeling at one with such a gorgeous piece of machinery.

All in all, a glittering event that did its job- made me fall in love with a new car.