Remember those moments from your favorite travels when you breathed in deeply and smelled that quintessential scent of luxurious tranquility? Researchers have shown that scents do in fact play a large role in our daily lives, affecting our moods dramatically. We all know moods can set the tone for our day and like a domino effect, possibly have far reaching implications.

One of my favorite moments is walking through a quiet garden on the island of Bali so this recipe for a DIY home refresher takes inspiration from there. You can experiment with your own favorite scents to create a unique home refresher that puts you in a great mood and can even potentially have health benefits.

1 medium sized pot half filled with water
3 tablespoons coconut essence
3 tablespoons jasmine essence
3 tablespoons almond essence
2 limes, cut into quarters
3 cinnamon sticks


Bring the pot of water to a vigorous boil on high heat. Add all the other ingredients into the boiling water and stir gently.

Lower heat to medium or medium low and simmer for at least an hour (preferably several hours), adding more water as necessary. The steam from the pot will rise and naturally scent the surrounding areas just like when you’re baking goodies in the oven.