Oyster Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom’s origins are arguable given their easy cultivation across numerous geographic regions, though they grow best in temperate areas. These should not be confused with another similar species now commonly sold as King Oyster mushrooms that share the coloring of oyster mushroom but have a completely different appearance and texture. Oyster mushrooms thrive on dead wood such as fallen trees and logs, growing in beautiful clusters. Their name is derived not from an oyster flavor but from its shape.

Unlike many other mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms have little to no stems. The stems that exist are nearly as soft as the rest of the velvety body. Ranging from off white to light and medium grayish brown, oyster mushrooms are now widely available in all types of markets in the produce section. Depending on time of harvest, they boast a soft chewy texture to quite firm bite.

Oyster mushrooms are fantastic for incorporating in stir-fries and soups, absorbing their surrounding flavors beautifully and retaining their somewhat firm texture.

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