The Imperial Delhi- BestĀ Hotels in India

The aptly named Imperial of Delhi, is a modern day hotel offering its distinguished guests an up close encounter with a level of luxury almost lost with the good old days of genuine hospitality and respect for high standards. Providing the most opulent and contemporary of amenities, The Imperial has lost none of India’s ancient charm and history. Being New Delhi’s Landmark Hotel, The Imperial has spared nothing in creating luxurious guest rooms with soaring ceilings, four-poster beds, Bang & Olufsen entertainment systems, marble baths with Bulgari toiletries and stunning views of expansive gardens, a glimpse into India’s glorious past.

Intricately carved crown moldings, shiny marble floors and crystal chandeliers throughout the hotel preserve a truly imperial way of life that most people nowadays can only read about. One of the hotel’s most unique facets is its priceless art collection, displaying British Art on India with pieces from such artists as William Hodges and James Ferguson paraded through the majestic halls. Being a guest at The Imperial is to be spoiled in the greatest luxuries the world has to offer, from plush bedding to museum pieces to some of the best award-winning cuisine in the world.

With nine unique eateries to choose from, it is guaranteed that dining within the revered walls of The Imperial will be nothing short of a Mughlai feast. [Read about the hotel’s The Spice Route-one of our Favorite Restaurants Around the World.] If you feel the need to work off the aromatic, rich cuisine, take a stroll or jog through the hotel’s vast gardens and lose yourself in the beauty of India’s fragrant nature. The Health Spa will complete the Imperial experience, pampering weary guests with classic Indian herbs and techniques for facials, massages and body treatments.

What stands out indelibly in guests’ hearts though is the sincere graciousness and overwhelmingly polished service of The Imperial staff. While Mumbai may be known as the gateway to India, The Imperial Delhi must be known as the gateway to royal luxury. It is absolutely no wonder that this hotel is consistently named one of the world’s best; it deserves a permanent spot in that highly coveted and exclusive list.

The Imperial Delhi- one of the best luxury hotels in Delhi where art reigns supreme and impeccable service is the norm.