A lesson learned from vacation: You can try to go through life with smaller baggage. But if you can’t, it’s ok. You are who you are. Just be patient, put more effort and keep going forward. Whoever travels with you will just have to walk slower with you or choose to go on the life journey without you.

At the airport…

P: You brought too much stuff for the trip and your baggage is too heavy.

J: Will you help me? J asked with a very sweet voice, while walking slowly behind P to the gate.

P: No. You need to learn the consequence of bringing heavy baggage.

J: Fine. I am taking responsibility of my own baggage.

P: What did you bring? How come it’s so heavy?

J: 5 pairs of shoes, 4 hats, and 10 outfits.

P: For a 5-day trip? That is crazy.

J: Well, this is me. I’m fashionable. Don’t judge me because my baggage is heavier, as I carry more things than you. We are just different. But it doesn’t mean I’m crazy – that is just your frame of reference on me.

It is not easy to move forward when the baggage is heavy. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t reach where I want to go. It might take a little bit longer. And I will have to put more effort. But I’ll reach my destination. You can show me empathy or criticize and judge me. You can help me with my baggage, walk slower with me, or you can just go on the trip without me.

P did not help with J’s baggage, but walked slowly with J.