Commune By The Great Wall- Best Hotels in China

If you’ve ever wanted to take a time machine to become part of history, this is the hotel for you. The Commune by the Great Wall is an architectural wonder with none like it in the world. A collection of private villas and modern guest rooms designed by 12 renowned Asian architects, the Commune sits on the edge of the Great Wall of China in the Shuiguan Mountains on 8 square kilometers of private land. It’s a dichotomy, this most unforgettable hotel, with its breathtaking and almost frightening proximity to the historic Great Wall and its ultra modern exterior/interior design.

Each of the renowned architects had a chance to showcase his interpretations, resulting in a unique melange of buildings that, while boasting colorful individuality, come together cohesively to present a “hotel” that will forever remain in the forefront of your mind. The Commune as a whole exhibits ultra-mod lines both in building and furniture design, giving a sophisticated, contemporary atmosphere in contrast to the nearly three millennia old Great Wall, which is one of the “Wonders_of_the_World.”

Every guest at the hotel looks overcome with emotion standing in one of the Commune’s infinite number of scenic spots, looking upon the sheer grandeur and magnificence of this 4000 mile structure, the only one visible to the naked eye from the moon. It is impossible to forget the millions of Chinese lives sacrificed in the accomplishment of such glory, but the beauty of observing wisps of low clouds floating over the walls and watchtowers in the early morning will dwarf any other thoughts.

I suspect it was the goal of the creators of the Commune to provide this understated, luxurious sanctuary in its futuristic elements to contrast the overwhelming history staring us in the face. Not to be forgotten are the Commune’s three restaurants, all offering the variations of classic Chinese and interpretations of Western fusion. Feast on specialties of Peking Roast Duck while sitting outside overlooking the Great Wall; your head will spin even without the rice wine. Also a must is the Commune’s Spa, with an array of indulgent treatments, including yoga and massage on an outdoor terrace with, you guessed it, another view of history. The Commune is one of those places to visit before you die. You will never be quite the same once you have stood on the precipice between the future and the past.

Commune By The Great Wall