In America, both Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays that have become synonymous with turkey. Most people who host holiday dinners inevitably are left with turkey leftovers for what feels like forever. What to do with these leftovers once you’ve gone through the typical gamut of turkey sandwiches, turkey salads and the like? How about something a little more unusual and flavorful? This Turkey Curry is easy to prepare and take very little time since the turkey is already cooked. It’s amazing how much new life can be brought into an old tradition.

Serves 4
10 cloves garlic
2 inch sized piece of fresh ginger peeled and roughly chopped 2 tablespoons lemongrass, finely minced
1/2 tablespoon red chili pepper (optional)
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 medium sized potatoes, peeled and chopped into bite-sized chunks
2 cups coconut milk 1 medium yellow or white onion, roughly chopped into bite-sized chunks 1 long Chinese eggplant, end trimmed off and chopped into bite-sized chunks 1 1/2 tsp curry powder 1/4 tsp white pepper 4 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce Juice of 3/4 lime 2 teaspoon sugar
1 pound leftover turkey meat, chopped into bite sized chunks


Using a mortar & pestle or food processor, grind the garlic, ginger, lemongrass and chili pepper into a smooth paste.

Using a wok or medium sized pot, heat the oil on high heat. Sauté the paste in the olive oil until fragrant, for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the potatoes; stir thoroughly. Add the coconut milk; stir again and bring to vigorous boil then turn heat to medium and simmer for 15 minutes until the potatoes are fork tender.

Add the onions, eggplant, curry powder, white pepper, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Stir gently until well mixed and simmer again for 5 minutes. Finally, add the turkey and stir until turkey is well incorporated into the curry. Serve on warm Jasmine rice.