Scientific beauticians have consistently upheld collagen as a beauty secret for everything from maintaining skin elasticity and firmness to reversing cell damage. Collagen is now a key ingredient to nearly every anti-aging serum and moisturizer around. The Japanese market, never one to be late on the latest trends and gimmicks, has been saturated with collagen-based products for several years now. Everything from collagen lotions to collagen snacks is available. From the 100 yen shops to the online Asian beauty boutiques, the collagen selection can be difficult to navigate. Asian women are renowned for aging gracefully and looking deceptively younger than their years but there’s always room in the beauty arsenal to keep things in good condition!

Here Asian Fusion’s beauty correspondent, Sinta Jimenez, gives you the inside scoop on the best products for those keen on staying forever young!

The sweetly packaged Sana Hadanomy line has enjoyed a serious popularity in Japan due to its affordable prices and quality collagen-based products. I admit it when I first saw it I picked it up due to the cute pink hearts on the bottle! However, when I test-drove it for a month at home I was very pleased with the results. I used the spray in combination with an Ishizawa Labs hyaluronic toner and my skin was soft, supple and extremely smooth. I would recommend using this spray in the evening, as it can make the skin too dewy to look attractive for daytime use. It is great for everyday use but should be worked in as a treatment before bed.

I first tried the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder several years ago but was inconsistent with my use. Recently I picked up another package and instead of dissolving it into drinks, which was unable to get rid of the strange taste of the powder before, I’ve dissolved it into savory foods like spaghetti! Using this method I was able to consistently use the collagen for several weeks. Though at the time I was on an upswing in a beauty-crazed cycle and drinking lots of water (to eliminate toxins of course) and keeping up with my regular schedule of home facials I will say there was something really fresh about my appearance, a natural blush to my cheeks. I can’t say with certainty that it helped but it certainly didn’t hurt.

I’ve used Japanese masks for a long time and nearly all of them have collagen as an ingredient. One of my favorite lines however is Kracie. Collagen is an ingredient in all their masks and I will give a blanket thumbs up to the various masks as I’ve tried them all. Though some masks focus on different things, moisturizing, refreshing, brightening the result is consistently positive with the skin always feeling nourished. Collagen is excellent as a topical treatment for improving the skin and Kracie masks always absorb cleanly and quickly in contrast to some masks which just leave a thick film on your face.