A modern cliché says that a home is not a home without candles and I would have to agree. While the technological conveniences of today provide for an exhaustive number of lighting alternatives that range from the simpler dimming mechanisms to voice activated command prompts, there’s good reason that the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts still rely on good old fashioned candles to evoke a sense of romance and mystery.

There are literally thousands of choices that abound for any candle enthusiast but few can fulfill the total gamut of requirements to satisfy health and luxury concerns. When I first stumbled upon Soy Bean Rico Candles, I was already weary of the fancy gimmicks that so many candle purveyors were using to peddle their products. Terms such as “lead-free wicks,” “paraffin candles,” and best yet, “organic candles” were all mingling into one big pool of wax mumbo jumbo. Suffice it to say that the simplicity and honesty in which Soy Bean Rico’s creator, Elsa Puig, makes her candles was not only refreshing but addictive.

Soy Bean Rico candles are environmentally and health friendly candles produced 100% from soy with no oil based substances or paraffin. The cotton wicks are also completely lead-free and dye-free, ensuring that no harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere and into your lungs and up to 50% longer burning time. Extracted from all natural soy bean oil, these candles amazingly serve as both candle and luxurious skin moisturizer a la Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca video. Talk about a multi-tasking product! With a spectacular array of essential oil infusions, Soy Bean Rico candles come in numerous scents, each as addictive as the next; each serving as a powerful and unique mood setter in the home or office.

On top of all of its attributes, these soy candles come packaged in sophisticated reusable Spa glass jars with recycled cartons and adorable travel tins, all wrapped in Soy Bean Rico’s signature blue and chocolate brown ribbons. If you’re ever in need of giving a gift that screams sophisticated tastes, is still within reasonable value and will actually be used, look no further.

Soy Bean Rico Candles

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