Dedicated as a national heritage site, Antique House in Chiang Mai transports guests to a bygone era of Lanna Royal Dining. With beautiful teakwood furniture and carvings, soft lighting and a host of Thai knickknacks, the house converted into a restaurant is always filled with locals and visitors.

Lanna (northern Thai) cuisine dominates here, with typical meals such as grilled herbed chicken, northern style sausages, spicy chili pastes and sticky rice. Fresh fish is one of Antique House’s specialties, prepared in many different sauces and methods. Stir-fried Morning Glory with Garlic is a must for an authentic Lanna meal as is Thousand Year Egg with Basil. The cuisine, much like the interiors, is authentic, heartfelt and steeped in tradition.

Food is beautifully presented in legendary Thai design with intricate fruit and vegetable carvings on royal blue and white porcelain ware. A feast for both the eyes and palate- no surprise considering this is what Lanna culture is all about. Relaxed outdoor seating is available under swaying trees though the indoor seating is far more cozy and romantically reminiscent of olden day Thailand. Antique House is a great restaurant to get a taste of Chiang Mai’s history both through culture and cuisine.

71 Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai