One Coconut Water

Modern society has split into two major groups- one that is devoted to a health conscious way of living and one that is, well, not so much. In this gross divide, there are a lot of false pieces of information that gets spread from word of mouth. One such error is that of the nutritional value and content of coconut water. Many people equate coconut water with coconut milk and this is just a terrible fallacy.

Coconut water is the natural liquid that exists in the cavern of coconuts while coconut milk is made traditionally from mixing a bit of water with grated coconut and extracting its liquid. Both coconut water and coconut milk have long been used in all parts of Asia, recognized not only as a delicious food but also holds a legendary reputation as a youth elixir of sorts. Coconut milk does have a relatively high fat and caloric content. Its counterpart is a completely different story.

Natural coconut water is one of nature’s most powerful sources of antioxidants, replenishing nutrients our body craves. Extremely high in potassium and containing natural electrolytes found in blood, coconut water is an excellent method of hydration. Naturally low in calories and fat, coconut water has a deliciously subtle sweetness. In modern life, it is not always easy though to get hold of natural coconut water, particularly for those of us living outside of Asia. When I first came across One Coconut Water I was torn between a sense of elation and dread. It was hard to believe that someone had finally made natural coconut water easily accessible and still taste amazingly fresh but I was dreading turning the carton around to find out just how many preservatives and additives there were.

It was nothing less of a shock then to learn that One Coconut Water contained no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol, no added preservatives. Nothing. Nada. Straight from coconut to container. The company even admits that the nutritional content per container is an approximation due to seasonal and environmental variants that are uncontrollable factors. Pour a container of One Coconut Water into a tall glass of crushed ice and drink up. You’ll be right on that pristine beach staring out at azure waters on a breezy, sunny afternoon… sipping on mother nature’s sweet, sinless elixir.

One Coconut Water… for hydration, for health, for taste, for beauty, for all the times we wished we were on that beach.